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Beckhoff has transformed the industrial environment with fast, compact, accurate and secure control technology. Many automation technology standards that are taken for granted today were conceptualised by Beckhoff at an early stage and successfully introduced to the market.

As a world leader in PC-based control systems, we enable every company to take advantage of the step change in universal, open control and automation solutions The Beckhoff product range covers industrial pcs, I/O and fieldbus components, drive technology and automation software.


Products Supplied

TwinCAT Realtime PLC & Motion Control Software:
IEC61131 compliant programming environment capable of handling the most complex automation and motion applications.
New additions including TwinCAT Vision and TwinCAT speech.
Beckhoff offers ideally-suited components and streamlined automation systems for the EtherCAT real-time Ethernet system: Industrial PCs and Embedded PCs offer a high-performance basis for PLC and Motion Control on the PC. With the EtherCAT I/Os, real-time Ethernet is available down to each I/O module in a large selection for all signal types. Highly dynamic Servo Drives permit an integrated, fast control technology.
Industrial PCs Control Panels & Screens:
Beckhoff supplies the right Industrial PC for every application. The high-quality components, based on open standards, and the individual construction of the housings mean that the Industrial PCs are ideally equipped for all control requirements. Embedded PCs make modular IPC technology available in miniature format for DIN rail mounting. The fact that Beckhoff develops motherboards in-house enables the company to respond quickly to new technologies on the PC market and to customer-specific requirements.
Servo Drives & Motors:
In combination with the Motion Control solutions offered by the TwinCAT automation software, Beckhoff Drive Technology represents an advanced and complete drive system. PC-based control technology from Beckhoff is ideally suited for single and multiple axis positioning tasks with highly dynamic requirements. The AX5000 and AX8000 Servo Drive series with high-performance EtherCAT system communication offer maximum performance and dynamics.
Fieldbus I/O IP20 & IP67:
Beckhoff provides an extensive range of fieldbus components for all common I/O and fieldbus systems. The wide choice of I/O components means that the bus system best suited to the particular application can be chosen.
XTS - eXtended Transport System:
The linear transport system from Beckhoff.
Two proven drive principles – combined into a drive technology. With the XTS (eXtended Transport System) linear transport system, Beckhoff presents a drive solution that’s like no other solution before – because it combines the advantages of two well-known drive principles in a single system. Where the possibilities to use rotary motors had previously ended, XTS adds the advantages of a linear system. And where the range of use of purely linear systems has been limited so far, XTS supplements the benefits of a rotary solution. Special needs require special solutions, and that’s the reason why the fully encapsulated XTS Hygienic version and the XTS Black Line were developed to complement the XTS Standard.
As an automation and motion specialist, Beckhoff is setting new benchmarks in drive technology with the eXtended planar motor system.
Free-floating planar movers move jerk-free and contact-free at up to 4 m/s over planar tiles that can be arranged in any desired layout. The movers are kept at a defined distance by electromagnetic forces. Travelling magnetic fields generated in the planar tiles provide for a precise and highly dynamic positioning of the movers.
The result: maximum possible flexibility in layout and architecture, maximum positioning flexibility and optimal simplification of machines and plants. Contaminants from transported goods are not spread throughout the plant; liquids can be transported without spilling over; wear and emissions due to friction are eliminated.
The XPlanar system represents a new drive concept with a unique value proposition for general machine manufacturing and in the food and pharmaceutical industries, and in both vacuums and clean rooms. With appropriate surface finishing, the planar motor system is also available as a hygienic design version.
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