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Berger Tools Ltd are leading suppliers of press & mould tools. With over 40 years of experience in this niche market we are able to offer extensive technical support & advice.

Our expertise of first tier supply & the OEM market means we can provide both standard and bespoke parts, making us a comprehensive solution to your procurement needs.

Management Personnel

  • Managing Director: Denise Goldsmith
  • Technical Manager: Tony Bagridge
  • Sales Manager: Des White
  • Quality Manager: Ian Dredge

Products Supplied

Standard Parts & Machine & Fixture Elements:
Essential, hard to source items for the machine industry. Robust, long lasting qualities & competitive pricing for cost effective choices.
Knobs & Handles:
Top quality range includes retractable and safety variants and ball knobs, gear levers, crank and control handles. Perfect for efficient machine adjustment.
Cabinet U and Tubular Handles:
Ideal for many applications. Contemporary design. Adjustable shank handles to suit mounting hole spacing. Built in power switching functions available.
Handwheels and Cranked Handles:
Fast, accurate machine adjustment with our range of solid, spoked and safety handwheels or control, indexing and tri-ball cranked handles.
Position Indicators, Indexing Mechanisms & Control Knobs:
Full range of position indicators and accessories, including control knobs, levels, indexing mechanisms and customisable scale rings.
Adjustable Hand Levers, Clamping Levers & Tension Levers:
Extensive range, also includes tommy nuts (fixed and movable bar), control levers and gear lever split hubs. Everything you need for fast, easy clamping!
Star Knobs, Wing & Knurled Thumb Screws & Nuts:
Outstanding quality star or hand knobs for clamping, allowing greater torques to be applied. Also includes knurled thumb screws with optional thrust pads.
Eccentrical Cams, Clamping Bolts & Shaft Clamping Units:
Ideal for rapid clamping and releasing without torque, allowing quick adjustments. Also clamping levers, cam point & double cam point levers & centring bore clamps.
Toggle clamps, Power clamps & Hook clamps:
Toggle clamps and latches, and accessories plus pneumatically operated clamps. Wide range of strengths, for many applications including cleanroom versions.
Indexing Plungers, Spring Plungers & Ball Lock Pins:
Includes mini & cam action indexing plungers, spring plungers, side thrust and locking pins. Simple yet versatile items for easier, faster and more efficient working.
Screws, Nuts, Washers, Clamping & Supporting Elements:
For all industries. Swing & shoulder bolts, thrust bolts and pads, nuts, washers and locking plates, positioning elements including drill bushes, levelling sets and set collars.
Drill Bushes:
UK's No.1 supplier of DIN Standard Drill Guide Bushes at the most competitive prices you'll find - we won't be beaten on price. All standard sizes in stock.
Hinges, Latches and Locks:
Full range of latches & hinges for doors, covers and hatches. Includes hook type, clamping and indexing latches and adjustable and tamper proof hinges.
Levelling Feet, Lifting Gear and Rubber Elements:
Ideal solution to vibration, wear and noise problems. Includes eye bolts & nuts, load rings, lifting points and shackles, all top quality for the ultimate in safety.
Oil Level Sight Glasses & Plugs:
An extensive range of oil level indicators, sight glasses, oil sealing plugs, oil drain valves and breather filters and valves for many industries. Includes column variants.
Universal Joints, Fork joints, Ball joints:
Top quality fork or clevis joints and ball joints in steel, stainless steel and aluminium, together with quick fit couplings. Needle & friction bearings.
Tube Clamp Connectors, Clamp Mountings & Connector Elements:
Tube clamp connectors and mountings with a range of connection elements and accessories for profile systems. Tubes and rods in steel, aluminium and stainless steel.
Ball Rollers, Slide Units, Guide Rails & Linear Actuators:
Telescopic and linear slides and guide rail systems, ball transfer units and guide rollers, adjustable slide units and linear actuators.
Retaining Magnets:
Button rod and pot magnets, for lifting, sorting & retaining. Also setting bolts & grub screws with a retaining magnet, ideal as a workpiece stop.
Press Tool Standard Parts:
Including urelast & rubber products (elastomer), precision punches & dies, dowel pins, guide pillars, guide pins & bushes, demountable blocks, ball bush sets, lifting components & IEM top retained pillar sets.
Die Sets:
Standard & bespoke die sets. Press fit or demountable including ball cage & bronze bushes, rear, middle or front pillar, 4 pillar, or diagonal.
ISO Standard Springs:
Large range of sizes in stock, next day delivery is available for most items. We can also quote to drawing for non-standard items.
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