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Bernstein offers a comprehensive range of safety switches, sensors and enclosures used in a wide variety of industrial applications including rail, process control and machine building.

Part of German company Bernstein AG, the Bernstein brand has become synonymous with innovation, reliability and value. A wealth of technical expertise has been accumulated over many years ensuring that products are developed to achieve optimum performance with the highest possible quality.

Our focus is on protecting the operator and our comprehensive range of products fully meets relevant safety requirements.

Management Personnel

  • Managing Director Paul Sharp
  • Financial Controller: Maureen Dufty
  • Internal Sales: Andrew Jenks
  • Technical Support: Dan Walters

Products Supplied

Switch systems:
Our electromechanic switches offer a convincing price-performance ratio and high reliability at different stages of voltage. Switches include plastic-bodied, metal-bodied, foot, rope pull and safety switching devices. The AS-i compatible switches reduce time and costs in regards to assembly, materials and operation.

Our vast range of types, sizes, switching functions and actuators allows for nearly every application.
Sensor systems:
Our sensors work in a non-reactive and nonwearing way and are extremely fast and accurate. Depending on the application, they can be inductive, capacitive, magnetic or photoelectric sensors as well as ultrasonic or float switches. In addition to this wide-ranging offer of standard sensors, individual solutions can be developed which are designed for specific applications.
Enclosure systems:
We combine enclosure technology for housing different applications and modern and variable suspension systems. We offer a wide range of aluminium or polyester terminal boxes as well as complete wired and switched industrial and control enclosures, all of which attain the highest standards needed for use in medicine, industry, food production and explosion-hazardous areas.
Overseas Reps

Overseas representation

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Eight subsidiaries of the German headquarters spread around the world including in UK, Austria, China, Denmark, France, Hungary, Italy and Switzerland.
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Companies represented in the UK

Bernstein AG:
Switches, sensors & enclosures.
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