Unit 118, Grange Hill
Baldoyle Industrial Estate
Dublin 13
+353 181 677 06

BFR Packaging & Process Ltd, a subsidiary of the French group BFR, is dedicated to the UK & Irish markets. Our experience of 50 years and our research unit, allow us to combine our expertise with the one of our suppliers to produce complete lines according to the specific demands of our customers. BFR Group is working with the best manufacturers world-wide in the packaging industry and is the European representative for our customers with their projects. BFR group is offering a complete range of automatic filling and packaging machines with their mulihead weigher to suit most food and non-food industries. BFR Packaging & Process Ltd guarantees the promotion, sales and final customer relation pship in terms of commercial and techniques. This combination of skills motivates us to achieve efficiency that our customers expect today.

Management Personnel

  • CEO: Eric BRULE
  • General Director: Antonio Fonseca
  • Technician: Maxime Herbomel
  • Technician: Tyrone Do Couto
  • Office Manager: Simon Desmonts

Products Supplied

Rotary fill and seal packaging machines:
Automatic, single and double lane, preformed pouches, reliable and flexible machines, format change in 5 minutes, high sealing quality: sterilization process, suitable for food and non food applications.
Cup filling machines:
Process of lifting a filled can up to a predetermined height, pour the contents into pouches, ejection of the empty can out of the machine, suitable for food and non food applications.
Multihead weighers:
Automatic, precision, under-combination principle, absence of vibrations, steering by step-by-step motor, stainless steel multihead weighers, suitable for food and non food applications.
Overseas Reps

Overseas representation

BFR Groupe:
Our head office is located in France. We have 3 production sites: visit our website to see our entire range of machinery.
UK Reps

Companies represented in the UK

Toyo Jidoki Co. Ltd., JAPAN:
Automatic filling and packaging machines.
Trade names

Trade names

  • Eurocri
  • Lassoudry
  • Latinpack
  • Ermatec

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