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Bilwinco is a market leader in multihead weighing for the food and hardware industries. Setting international standards from basic machinery to complete, integrated packaging solutions.

With persistent focus on quality and innovation Bilwinco has been able to, not only follow technological development in the market, but also become the innovator setting international standards within certain segments of the industry.

Bilwinco is a privately owned family business, with headquarters in, Hjørring, Denmark. The company has been designing solutions since 1955 using state-of-the-art technology from idea to operational packaging lines by carefully studying products, production lines and possible problem areas and are thereby able to design solutions custom-built to specific needs.

Management Personnel

  • Managing Director: Claus Pedersen
  • Service Manager: Tom Mejland
  • Area Sales Manager: Henrik Jensen

Products Supplied

Multihead Weigher:
Bilwinco is a market leader in multihead weighing for the food and hardware industries. The multihead weigher is designed to increase productivity while raising the quality, especially when dealing with wet, sticky and fragile foods.
Mobile Weighing Solutions:
All Bilwinco equipment can be delivered with a mobile support frame customised for versatile and flexible weighing and packaging processes.
Filling and Distribution Tools:
The distribution system is designed to meet individual requirements for different packaging lines. Stationary or movable solutions are available.
Infeed Systems:
Each infeed system is customised to the specific production and fully synchronized with the weigher. This ensures a steady and uniform flow in accordance with the specified capacity requirements.
Washing and Cleanings Systems:
The Washing and Cleaning System is developed with focus on cleaning friendliness, bacteria preventive and materials tolerating the environment in the wet food industry. All equipment (feeding, weighing and filling systems, etc.) is designed with the highest attention to hygiene.
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Bilwinco Inc., USA
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