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The Bradman Lake Group is synonymous with providing innovative packaging solutions to a global client base; a client base that demands a partner to go 'above and beyond' to help them excel in today's competitive markets.

By integrating our four key brands - Autowrappers, Ibonhart, Bradman Lake and Europack - we are a major supplier of packaging technology to the Bakery and Biscuit, Chocolate and Confectionery, Frozen Foods, Dry Foods, Consumer, Pharmaceutical, and Healthcare industry sectors.

From distribution and feeding systems to flow wrapping, slicing, bagging, roll wrapping, robotics, cartoning and end-of-line options of case packing, shrink wrapping and palletising, time after time many leading companies place their trust in Bradman Lake technology.

At our three factories; in the UK, Beccles and Bristol and South Carolina in the USA, research and development teams strive to ensure Bradman Lake technology remains at the forefront of innovation.

The group has one clear aim - to maximise clients' profitability by utilising the most cutting-edge technology available. With decades of experience and many thousands of installations to our credit, whether the requirement is for a single machine or a totally integrated solution, Bradman Lake makes the ideal partner.

Bradman Lake is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the multi-disciplined global UK engineering group Langley Holdings plc.

Management Personnel

  • Managing Director: John Marlee
  • Head of Sales: Daniel Lake

Products Supplied

Product feeding and collating systems:
A wide range of Infeeds, storage/refeed, layer collator and distribution systems.
Flow Wrappers:
Fully electronic flow wrappers for a wide range of products. Options for automatic product collating and loading.
Biscuit 'on edge' flow wrappers:
Derivative of the FT120 flow wrapper for biscuits on edge formats.
Roll Wrappers:
Versatile machines with variants for round, square and rectangular products.
Bakery Slicers:
Wide range of bread slicing machines can be supplied as stand-alone units or can form a part of a larger automatic system.
Bakery Baggers:
Wide range of bread baggers machines can be supplied as stand-alone units or can form a part of a larger automatic system.
Carton / Tray Erectors - mechanical:
Erector mechanically driven. Glue, turn-over-end and four corner lock options.
Carton / Tray Erectors - servo driven:
Erector fully electronic. Glue, turn-over-end and four corner lock options.
Carton Closers - right angled:
Right angled three flap carton closer combining high speed and space saving design.
Carton Closers - in-line:
Top load carton closer with flexible carton control and turn correction system.
Single Flap Carton Closers - fully-automatic:
Inline flightless closer with large size range.
Sleevers - fully-automatic:
Wraparound sleevers.
End Flap Sealer - hand fed:
A small footprint, inexpensive end flap sealer ideal for small production runs.
End Load Cartoners - semi-automatic:
Reliable, rugged semi-automatic hand load cartoner.
End Load Cartoners - fully-automatic:
Fully-automatic machines with models for low, medium and high speeds. Options for automatic product collating and loading.
Intelligent Motion Side Load Cartoner:
End Load Cartoner with 'variable pitch' product handling technology.
Robotic Top Loaders:
Multi-functional Top Loaders capable of placing products into single or multiples of cartons, trays, cases and baskets or collating and transferring into multipack infeeds or side load cartoner with index or continuous motion.
Vision Guided Robotic systems:
Vision guided robotic system, designed to feed primary, secondary or tertiary packaging machines.
Tray Erectors:
Pneumatically operated erector for medium speeds.
Tray Loaders - fully-automatic:
Combined tray erector and loader suitable for a variety of applications including aerosol leak testing.
Case Packers- fully-automatic side/bottom load:
Top, side or bottom load case packers for pre-formed case applications. Glue or tape closure.
Case Packers - fully automatic wraparound:
Options of compact footprint with speed up to 10 cases/minute or higher speed units with 5 indexing stages performing fewer processes at each stage. It can collate and load products into wraparound cases or trays.
Case Erectors - fully-automatic:
Compact footprint, erects and seals bottom flaps of RSC and HSC cases.
Case Packers - robotic top load:
From small footprint integrated top load robotic case packer enabled to implement serialisation and aggregation, to larger Innovative, modular, robotic, case packers featuring extensive size range.
Shrink Wrappers - fully-automatic:
A range of automatic in-line or right angled fed machines with single / twin reel formats with integral collators and / or feed conveyors.
Options for fully automatic combined tray wraparound loader and shrink wrapper.
A wide range of palletisers to suit different applications.
Bespoke Machinery:
Bespoke design and build of packaging equipment.
Turnkey Systems:
Full project management, design, supply, single site FAT's and OEM management.
Overseas Reps

Overseas representation

Bradman Lake Inc, 3050 Southcross Boulevard, Rock Hill, SC 29730, USA T: +1 704 588 3301,
Bradman Lake Russia, Business Center; East Gate; 100 Schelkovskoe Highway, Building 2, Office 13, Moscow, 105523 Russia T: +7 (495) 287 4768,
Bradman Lake Ltd, c/o Claudius Peters (India) Pvt. Ltd. 701, 7th Floor, Gujral House, Plot No 167, C.S.T Road, Kalina, Maharashtra Santacruz (East), Mumbai 400098, India, T: +91 22 2674 0043,
UK Reps

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Trade names

Trade names

  • Autowrappers
  • Ibonhart
  • Europack

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