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Cama's unique offering of machines and robots enable high efficiency systems for packing your products into secondary packaging. From cartons & sleeves to trays, boxes or cases Cama has tailored solutions for every need.

Cama 3 Ltd is the UK subsidiary of Cama Group, headquartered in Italy, whose core business is the engineering and production of industry leading technology for secondary packaging systems and machinery. Its outstanding packaging knowledge combined with a unique machine range (Packaging Division) and robotic loading units (Robotic Division), highlights Cama Group's capability to offer completely integrated packaging lines from primary packages all the way through to final packaging ready for palletising.

Cama has been established since 1981 and has been manufacturing its own robotic systems for over 30 years. All packaging lines and equipment in the UK and Ireland are supported and serviced by our dedicated Cama UK team.

Management Personnel

  • Marketing Manager: Paola Fraschini
  • UK Sales Director Mark Brooker
  • CEO: Daniele Bellante

Products Supplied

Cama's packaging machinery range benefits from 40 years of experience in carton and paper-based packaging systems.
Forming & Closing Systems:
* FA 19 -FA 24 - Lock and glue type tray, box, carton forming machines
* CD 46-49-56 -58-59 - Intermittent and continuous motion carton closing machines
* CP 614-625 - Glue type vertical lidding machines
* AV 256-266 - Vertical RSC case forming machines.
Side Loading Systems:
* CL 151-153 / 175 - Intermittent motion horizontal cartoning machines
* CL 155-157 - Intermittent - continuous motion horizontal cartoning machines
* CL 156-169 - Continuous motion horizontal cartoning machines
* CL175 - "Pitch-less" continuous motion horizontal cartoning machine.
Case Packing Systems:
* FW 747-748 - Wrap around case packers
* FW 749-750 - Wrap around and display box case packers
* FW 751 - Display box case packers
* IN 205-216-218 - Horizontal RSC side load case packing machines.
* IF292-294-295 - Monobloc RSC top loading machine.
Sleeving Systems:
* MP 91 - 136 - Sleeving machines for complete folding of sleeve with bottom closing
* MP 106 - Sleeving machines for pass through and wraparound sleeve with top closing
* MP 103-104 - Sleeving machines for bridge or clip style sleeves.
Loading units with 2 axis robot:
* IG Multi-purpose Loading Units
* IT Loading Units with Vertical Race Track
* IF Monoblock Loading Unit (forming, loading and closing / lidding unit).
Loading units with 4 axis robot:
IT Loading Units with Vertical Race Track.
Loading units with "Triaflex" 4 axis Delta robot:
* IG Single or Multiple Delta Loading Units with integral vision system
* IT Delta Robot Loading Units with Vertical Race Track
* IF315/316 Delta Robot Monobloc Packaging Machines.
Loading units with "Y" shape 2 axis robot:
IG Multipurpose Loading Units DAIT Loading Units with Vertical Race Track DAIF Monoblock Loading Units DA(forming, loading and closing / lidding units).
Monoblock Robotized Loading Units:
IF Monoblock Robotized Loading Units (forming, loading and closing/lidding units).
Overseas Reps

Overseas representation

Cama 1 S.P.A (HQ):
Via Como, 9 -23846 Garbagnate Monastero (Lecco) Italy Tel. +39 031 879811 Fax +39 031 856373
UK Reps

Companies represented in the UK

Cama 3 Ltd:
UK Subsidiary for Cama Group.
Trade names

There are no trade names descriptions registered for this organisation

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