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Elms Farm Industrial Estate
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Ceetak Ltd is the UK's leading designer and supplier of heat sealing technologies for cutting and sealing thermoplastic materials.
We have the on-site facilities to design, build and test heat sealing technologies for our wide range of customers across all industries. We utilise and adapt our 5 key technologies to find the perfect sealing solution for practically any material designed into a packaging production line.

We also develop our technologies to be retrofitted to existing equipment, or design and implement complete bespoke solutions to meet the most demanding markets and applications.

Our Design Engineers utilise years of mechanical and electrical design experience and expertise, alongside technology such as 2D/3D CAD and FEA analysis programs to simulate performance before finalising each individual component and machine design to ensure our customers benefit from the best possible film-sealing performance for their packaging production lines.

Management Personnel

  • Managing Director: Andrew Cleaver
  • Engineering Director: Tony Wood
  • Engineering Manager Heat Sealing Department: Steve Timmins
  • Sales & Operations Manager: Philip Hyde
  • Technical Sales Manager: Mark Franklin
  • Design Engineer: Przemyslaw Budnik

Products Supplied

Quick Pulse Heat (QPH) Sealing Technology:
* Suitable for all thermoplastic materials
* Produces durable, hermetic seals
* Reduction in film use - 10/15% saving
* Easily retrofitted to customer production lines
Low Voltage Heat (LVH) Sealing Technology:
* Suitable for all thermoplastic materials
* Small seal/cut profile
* Precise temperature control creates high integrity seal
* Easily retrofitted to customer production lines
Profiled Die Heat (PDH) Sealing Technology:
* Used for sealing bespoke shapes
* Small cross section heat seal blade
* No heat build up in seal area or surrounding machine
* Easily retrofitted or supplied into bespoke machinery build for customers
Continuous Rotary Heat (CRH) Sealing:
* Suitable for conveyor systems
* Small seal/cut profile
* Accurate control of temperature distribution
ImPulse Heat (IPH) Sealing:
* Suitable for use with any heat seal material
* Improved productivity & seal aesthetics compared to traditional sealing methods
* Precise temperature control for high integrity seals
* Available as basic seal jaw, to complete jaw sets mounted within a module
* Easily retrofitted to customer production lines
Hot Air Heat (HAH) Sealing:
* Compressed hot air travels directly from the heat source
* Supplied in a selection of sizes and formats, different speed settings, different heated lengths
* Suitable for continuous heat sealing applications
* Reliable seal quality
Bespoke Machine Builds:
* Design, manufacture and installation of complete heat sealing machine solutions
* Our heat sealing technologies within complete machines or as modular systems
* Complete design service using 2D/3D CAD and FEA simulation software
* Complete service and after sales support from our engineers
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UK Reps

Companies represented in the UK

ROPEX Industrie-Elektronik GmbH:
Official agents in the UK & Ireland for the Ropex range of temperature controllers and impulse heat sealing elements.
Official UK agents for TOSS products including; impulse heating bands, cutting wires, silicone rubber profiles, Teflon tapes, PTFE fabric products and TOSS pneumatic guided actuators.
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