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Cimlogic offers complete manufacturing improvement solutions; providing simple solutions, ensuring optimum performance and fast ROI. As a systems integrator with a wide range of technology partners, Cimlogic is able to take the 'best of the best' technologies to build rapid and robust solutions.

At Cimlogic, we pride ourselves on being an extension of your team, we don't just provide the software - we continually explore ways to improve your manufacturing processes. Valuable solutions are not just about technology, they are about people and processes too.

We tend to find that most manufacturers are frustrated with their levels of productivity, and are not accurately measuring their current production, so they are leaving huge opportunities to increase volume on the table. We can help unearth these easy wins by identifying improvement opportunities.

The focus of our business is driving World-Class Manufacturing through Operational Excellence (OpEx); Operational Technology (OT); Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and Manufacturing Data Analytics, backed by comprehensive Operational Support services.

Management Personnel

  • Chief Executive Officer: Mike Hodge
  • Chief Operating Officer: James Sykes
  • Business Development Manager: Fraser Thomson
  • Marketing Manager: Claire Healey
  • Marketing Manager: Melanie Scott

Products Supplied

OpEx & Manufacturing Improvement:
Driving improvement and productivity is embedded in everything we do and Operational Excellence is a journey now supercharged by data and information to ensure maximum ROI.
MES & OEE Systems:
Cimlogic is the UK Gold Partner of TrakSYS, designed and developed by Parsec Automation Corp. TrakSYS MES is a world-class, real-time performance management system, which delivers accurate, and actionable intelligence to the decision makers, for significant productivity improvement. Our team of expert software developers and system integrators are committed to implementing effective MES and OEE systems for increased productivity, quality and reduced downtime.
Cimlogic is ideally placed to help you kick-start your journey towards connectivity through technology. Industry 4.0, is not just for multi-national organisations and whole IT systems do not need to be redesigned to accommodate this new technology.
SCADA Systems:
Our team of expert control system engineers are committed to providing total satisfaction through implementing effective SCADA systems including Ignition SCADA and Cimplicity SCADA for real-time monitoring and control of production processes.
Cimlogic can assist in analysing data from various technology systems and processes, bringing insight to the things that are very hard to see and using analytical tools to provide beneficial business intelligence to drive manufacturing productivity.
Cimlogic provides professional, fast, accurate and reliable support and maintenance services to ensure that you get the maximum return on investment from your manufacturing software and systems.
In order to maximise manufacturing efficiency, your staff members need to know how to get the best from your process control systems - which is where Cimlogic training courses can help.
Overseas Reps

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UK Reps

Companies represented in the UK

Parsec Automation Corp.
Cimlogic is a UK Gold Partner of TrakSYS, designed and developed by Parsec Automation Corp.
Inductive Automation
Cimlogic is a Gold Integrator of Ignition software., designed and developed by Inductive Automation.
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