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For more than 30 years, CKF Systems has been successfully supporting the manufacturing industry to stay competitive and improve long term sustainability. Increasing output, reducing operating costs and improving product quality and consistency are just some of the reasons why businesses turn to CKF for robotic and automation solutions to achieve growth, at home and through export. From robotic palletising systems to food processing automation, CKF established its reputation as a leading solutions provider in automation and robotic systems through its achievements within food manufacture and processing.

Today, the company has successfully transferred its skills and know-how to many business sectors, delivering a host of benefits in a wide variety of applications to the automotive, food, drink cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, to name a few. At the forefront of robotic technologies, CKF offers independence, expertise and experience and is as comfortable working with start-up firms as it is with multi-nationals. Ongoing investment in the best available design, electrical and mechanical engineering talent maintains CKF's position at the forefront of robotic technologies. CKF has the capability to undertake turnkey solutions, or to provide assistance in any stage of a project, from conceptual design through to manufacture, installation and commissioning.

Management Personnel

  • Sales Director: Robbie Dawson
  • Director Paul Swift
  • Internal Sales Administrator/ISO controller Jade Overthrow
  • Proposal Engineer: Dominic Malsom
  • Site Director Mel Barton
  • Operations Director Neil Peters
  • Managing Director Jamie Quinton

Products Supplied

Product Handling and Automation Solutions(UK):
Robotic packing/pick and place units, incorporating vision inspection and reject systems. Robotic palletising systems.
Row Handling System(UK):
High speed distribution of rows of product through to primary/secondary packing operations.
Product Sortation Systems(UK):
To produce regulated output where product is randomly fed, or is required to be re-orientated.
Combiner & Batching Units(UK):
Designed to produce a single lane product discharge (plus reject) from a multiple lane infeed.
Dividers and laning units to distribute product to multiple discharge lanes.
Vertical Elevators:
Space saving method to raise product through vertical distance, utilises single or multiple discharge points.
Belt Bends:
Variety of angles available; used to transfer product around bends whilst maintaining original orientation.
Palletising Systems:
Robotic palletising systems for single or multi production lines. Layer palletising systems.
Spiral Conveyors:
Used to elevate, de-elevate, buffer store or accumulate product. Maximises vertical heights minimises floor space.
Bespoke designs, wide range of conveyor types, selection dependent on product, environment and maintenance requirements.
Bespoke Machinery(UK):
Full design and development.
Overseas Reps

There are no overseas Rep descriptions registered for this organisation

UK Reps

Companies represented in the UK

LM SPA , Italy:
Full range of handling equipment including laning devices and conveyors.
Ambaflex: Holland:
Spiral conveyors and accumulators.
Trade names

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