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Clearmark Solutions has been providing innovative, on-line, real-time ICE package coding and labelling solutions in the UK for the last 20 years. ICE coders provide date, barcode and batch coding solutions for products and packaging, both primary and secondary, across a wide range of manufacturing industries.
Clearmark has successfully transformed the package coding and labelling industry, with each ICE printer delivering a step-change improvement in reliability, ease of use, performance and offering lowest possible cost of ownership.

In addition the ICE product range, Clearmark are proud to be registered sellers and repairs specialists of the Zebra Technologies range of products.

Clearmark is committed to providing manufacturers and packaging equipment suppliers with high-quality service and expert support.

Management Personnel

  • Managing Director: Chris Simpson
  • Sales Director: Dave Bradbury
  • Sales Director: Chris Gent

Products Supplied

ICE ZODIAC HAWK -– 53mm Thermal Transfer Printer (UK):
The ICE Zodiac Hawk is the first 53mm thermal transfer overprinter (TTO) with an in-build print-checking system, utilising iAssureTM technology to check for print errors on the spent ribbon. Printing up to 500 packs per minute the Zodiac Hawk improves throughput and can report on all aspects of overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) - performance, reliability and quality.
ICE ZODIAC EAGLE - 107mm Thermal Transfer Printer (UK):
The ICE Zodiac Eagle thermal transfer coder is a global leader in its class with a larger print area of 107mm. It benefits from no compressed air, longer ribbon length meaning less frequent changeovers and the simplest ribbon cassette design in the industry. This enables maximum print flexibility whilst still enjoying the renowned Zodiac intelligent and intuitive interface. Using innovative technology and software, the printer delivers versatile, reliable and accurate coding for flexible packaging.
ICE VULCAN - Print and Apply Labeller (UK):
The industry-leading ICE Vulcan print and apply labeller (LPA) is the first of it’s kind to print and apply labels directly to secondary packaging with no need for a tamp applicator, removing the requirement for expensive compressed air. Offering simplicity and reliability, the Vulcan runs at three times faster print speeds than traditional labellers with no missed packs – regardless of pack spacing.
ICE SCORPION - Thermal Inkjet (UK):
The ICE Scorpion thermal inkjet (TIJ) printer represents significant advancements from the markets’ existing continuous thermal inkjet printers and coders.

Designed to print high-resolution codes on hard to print surfaces, the Scorpion utilises a purpose-built inkjet cartridge designed specifically to jet high-performance MEK and other industrial inks.
ICE VIPER - Thermal Inkjet (UK):
The ICE Viper is an industry-leading thermal inkjet (TIJ) coder combining high performance and speed with extreme reliability, accuracy and no maintenance requirements.

Suitable for printing on a range of porous and non-porous packaging materials for both primary and secondary applications, the Viper uses HP(R)'s thermal inkjet technology to provide print heights from 12.7mm to 50.8mm at a resolution of 600dpi.
ICE TORUS - High Definition Case Coders (UK):
The ICE Torus large character marking printer continues to deliver state-of-the-art case coding technology in a compact design for printing onto corrugated cardboard.

The Torus combines consistent high-resolution prints with a simple user interface making message selection quick and easy. The unique self-cleaning printhead and ink micro-purging process ensures the highest quality barcodes and images on every case with no ink wastage.
Clearmark are proud to partner with Zebra and to be registered Zebra Printer Repair Specialists.
As part of this partnership, Clearmark has access to Zebra’s extensive product range, specialising in industrial off-line printers and symbol scanners. The industry-leading Zebra and ICE product ranges complement each other perfectly, enabling zero-downtime systems and code assurance eliminating downtime and costly mistakes, keeping your factory running efficiently.
Clearmark combines Zebra’s global expertise and product innovation with our own unique system designs to deliver the best solutions to our customers.
Ancillary equipment (UK):
Clearmark is dedicated to supporting customers with all projects, ranging from the simple to the complex. Clearmark fully integrate the printer systems to existing packaging lines, maximising throughput, print quality and OEE. Value-added ancillary equipment on offer ranges from bespoke conveyor systems to integration bracketry and stands. Clearmark won the PPMA award recognising our achievements in this area in the Innovative Ancillary Equipment category.
Clearmark offers wide-ranging aftercare services. Customer support, genuine ICE spare parts, consumables, printheads, labels, thermal inkjet cartridges, thermal transfer (TTO) ribbon. This range of consumables and genuine ICE and Zebra parts are available from stock for next day delivery, for ICE and Zebra systems. In addition to this, Clearmark offers comprehensive training packages ensuring customers get the most out of their machinery.
CLARiSUITE Software (UK):
CLARiSUITE is a suite of software products that work together for the purpose of designing, managing, networking and distributing barcode data to be printed by the ICE and Zebra ranges of printers.
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