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Comau, a member of Stellantis, is a worldwide leader in delivering advanced industrial automation products and systems. Its portfolio includes technology and systems for electric, hybrid and traditional vehicle manufacturing, industrial robots, collaborative and wearable robotics, autonomous logistics, dedicated machining centers and interconnected digital services and products able to transmit, elaborate and analyze machine and process data. With over 45 years of experience and a strong presence within every major industrial country, Comau is helping manufacturers of all sizes in almost any industry experience higher quality, increased productivity, faster time-to-market and lower overall costs. The company’s offering also extends to project management and consultancy, as well as maintenance and training for a wide range of industrial segments. Headquartered in Turin, Italy, Comau has an international network of 7 innovation centers, 5 digital hubs, 8 manufacturing plants and employs more than 9,000 people in 14 countries including the UK. A global network of distributors and partners allows the company to respond quickly to the needs of customers, no matter where they are located throughout the world. Through the training activities organized by its Academy, Comau is also committed to developing the technical and managerial knowledge necessary for companies to face the challenges and opportunities of Industry 4.0.


Products Supplied

Comau Industrial Robots:
More than 40 different industrial robots;
Payloads of 3 to 650 kg;
Horizontal reach of less than 1 m to over 3 m;
Greater than 25% reduction in cycle times
Comau Cobots:
​We believe the Industry 4.0 factory includes a network of flexible, modular and scalable automation systems capable of operating in a safe and synergistic way with mankind – always connected and under control. With AURA, we make collaborative robotics a reality without sacrificing payload or performance - highest payload and reach collaborative robot on the market.
Comau AGVs:
Agile1500 is the first model within the Comau automated guided vehicles platform; it is based upon Comau’s open automation design approach. Equipped with a long lasting lithium battery which makes automatic opportunity charging possible. The two laser scanners on the front and rear guarantee efficient and safe navigation.

This Comau AGV is capable of transporting up to 1.5 tons; it can be reconfigured with specific automatic and flexible equipment and is suitable for a wide range of industrial and logistical sectors.
Integrated Robotics:
Ready to Run - Our robots are fully integrated with the software and controllers you’re already using. Amongst our solutions are the following:
SIEMENS Sinumerik
B&R openRobotics
KEBA KeMotion
Comau Exoskeleton:
The MATE exoskeleton suit has been designed to improve the quality of life at work by providing consistent, advanced shoulder and arm assistance during repetitive operations and daily tasks.

MATE-XT is the new, improved exoskeleton by Comau designed to enhance job quality indoors and outdoors, by reducing muscle effort and
increasing accuracy during overhead tasks. It acts like a second skin and helps workers performing tasks smoother, while improving quality of life at work.
Comau Machining Centres:
XMini - The first robotized carbon fiber machine center able to handle lightweight framing and structural components for multiple sectors with a particular focus on automotive, aerospace and electrification.

SmartDrive & Urane - Synonymous with reliability, our powerful machine centers are modular, flexible and highly configurable. So whatever the project or manufacturing constraint, we can help you achieve faster launch times while ensuring the highest level of productivity and long-term precision.
Crankshaft machining - ​Handling complexity is one of the things we do best, which is why we we’ve put over 45 years of experience and evolution—and 23 patents— into our crankshaft systems. We are one of the only leading providers mastering both processes: machining and balancing. Moreover, we can perform multiple crankshaft types or lengths and optional automatic change-over solutions with full flexibility.

Thermal Spray Coating - SmartSprayComau
Versatile thermal spraying solution for high volume liner-less aluminium engine blocks and engine remanufacturing.
Modular open-source robot:
e.DO is a modular, multi-axis articulated robot with integrated open-source intelligence designed to make learning, creating, exploring and programming fun and more interactive.
Laser Hybrid Technology:
​An absolute new concept on the market. Comau presents LHYTE, Laser HYbrid TEchnology, the innovative multi-function laser source conceived to enhance flexibility and to reduce Total Cost of Ownership.
Welding Guns:
​Compact C-type / X-type / CXR (steel joint)
Compact high-force C-type / X-type (aluminum joint)
Versa B-type / C-type / X-type / CXR-type (steel & aluminum joint)
Manual C-type / X-type (steel joint)

Our welding guns are modularly and symmetrically designed to reduce spare parts, overall weight and procurement lead time, and are available for steel and aluminium welding. The new Comau Compact gun weighs less than those of competitors and is about 300 mm more compact. All these new characteristics do not alter its performances. It can handle any welding application and enables the use of smaller Robots in high density stations.
Spot Welding Machines:
When talking about spot welding application we think with the Customers’ mind-set.
The request is to reach efficient results in the simplest way. The answer is what we call the Comau Spot Welding Machine: a package designed to multiply the advantages of integrated solutions.
Innovation & Digital Transformation Products:
M.I.O. - Modular Intralogistics Organizer

In.Grid - in.Grid facilitates the acquisition and exchange of data by interconnecting Comau and non-Comau manufacturing machinery and equipment to enable process/technology data monitoring and telemetry for predictive maintenance and productivity goals.

Vir.GIL merging digital technologies, sensors and control software to guide workers when performing manual operations by creating a human-like interaction between the operator and the machine.
Vision Systems:
Including systems designed specifically for:
Neural Network Welding Analyser
Random Bin Picking
Glass inspection for welding
RAIO Robeye All In One Sensor for 3D robotic guidance
Overseas Reps

Overseas representation

We have Representatives globally:
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Trade names

Trade names

  • AGILE1500
  • AURA
  • Racer
  • Rebel-S
  • SmartDriveComau
  • MATE
  • e.DO
  • Urane
  • SmartRevComau
  • SmartSprayComau
  • SmartCellComau
  • SmartManComau
  • SmartRobCoamu
  • M.I.O
  • In.Grid
  • Vir.GIL

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