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Based in the West Midlands, Cox & Plant has been designing and manufacturing vibratory conveyor systems since 1973.

Our systems are guaranteed to make your business less wasteful, more efficient and significantly more productive. We work on ROI for your business, so we fit the best value equipment for your production line and most of our clients see a return on their investment within 12 months.

We treat every project as the start of a long-term working relationship. We’re open, we’re honest and we’re committed to meeting and exceeding your expectations. We see ourselves as your strategic partner, so we don’t initiate any relationship with pre-existing assumptions or off the shelf solutions. You will receive detailed analyses and focused recommendations when you work with our team.

Over 80% of our business is sourced from repeat clients or from recommendations which proves the level of trust and confidence our customers have.

Management Personnel

  • Business Development Executive James Cryer
  • Managing Director: Andy Cox
  • Marketing Manager: Sarah Lumley-Holmes
  • Technical Director: James Simms
  • Finance Director: Angela Hackett

Products Supplied

Vibratory Infeed Conveyors:
Infeed conveyors control the feed volume of products as they enter your production line. Infeed conveyors will improve your entire production line through guaranteeing that your products are in their optimum state, right from the start.
Vibratory Laning & Alignment Conveyors:
Lane and align conveyors effectively sort your difficult products into a number of neat lanes. These systems are customised designs, as in our experience each product has its own unique handling characteristics.
Vibratory Grading Conveyors:
Whether it’s fines removal and slithers, broken, oversized, undersized, different fractions, or otherwise unsatisfactory, grading conveyors are there to separate the good from the bad, large from small.
Vibratory Transfer Conveyors:
Transfer conveyors gently and quietly move your products from one stage of processing equipment to the next.
Vibratory Inspection Conveyors:
Inspection conveyors evenly spread your product to ensure that nothing escapes the careful eyes of your quality control team.
A combination of a conveyor and a storage system. Customised to be all belt conveyors, all vibratory conveyors or a combination of both. Storeveyors are used to store your products between processes on your production line. They maintain your products, their freshness, and integrity before moving them on to the next piece of processing equipment.
Bulk Storage Systems:
We can design and build bulk storage systems to suit your every need whether its size, needs to have a cooling requirement or your produce needs to be kept dry.
Our hopper is a special storage container that will carefully and steadily dispense your granular materials which will prevent your production line from getting overwhelmed.
Single & Double Column Tippers:
Our tippers move product with minimal physical involvement and as only one bin is used it can be washed at the end of each process.
Vibratory Conveyors:
Vibratory conveyors are superior to standard conveyor belts in every conceivable way. They’re quieter, more compact, more efficient, and much easier to clean and service. Our vibratory conveyors cost very little to own and run. Because they use far less energy, they’re variable speed, work on demand so that you can keep your production line running for much longer.
Vibratory Feeders:
Vibratory Feeders make production lines more efficient and easier to control. Our electromagnetic vibratory conveyors help to prevent avalanche, overfeeding, and starvation on your food production lines.
Vibratory De-Oiling Conveyors:
De-oiling conveyors are an essential part of the process after the fryer, where oil is often used to rapidly yet effectively cook an array of foods.
Vibratory Tube Conveyors:
Our ATEX rated tube vibratory conveyors are a simple yet supremely effective means of safely moving potentially-hazardous substances.
Lift and Tips Units:
Lift and tip units will boost your efficiency and improve your onsite health and safety.
Vibratory Incline Conveyors:
Our innovative incline conveyors move your products to the level you need in your factory.
Bucket Elevators:
They make it possible to move your food products between different levels on your production line.
Spiral Elevators:
Split your food production line across multiple levels with our vibratory spiral elevator, save space, and boost efficiency.
Mixing Systems:
We can provide different types of bulk handling mixing solutions, specifically online and offline mixing solutions to benefit your business. We design and manufacture flexible customised mixing lines for your business.
Distribution Systems:
Distribution systems and cross head feeders (CHF) are usually an afterthought, however, ROI can be achieved in as little as 6 weeks. The conveying equipment and the feed to the CCW multihead are critical for accurate weighments and minimum product giveaway.
Seasoning System:
Our loss in weight feed system accurately weighs and controls the flow of variable products either, continuously or as a batch depending on your requirements.
Grading, Sizing and Collaborating Conveyors:
We can manufacture customised single, double and triple deck linear conveyors so we can grade various different sizes on the same conveyor at the same time.
Vibratory Glazing Conveyors:
Glazing conveyors add that little something extra to your frozen produce by improving the appearance of deep-frozen products.
Cluster Busters:
Cluster Busters will individually separate your frozen products to allow for more effective processing.
Flavour Systems:
Our flavour systems & tumble drum guarantee consistency across your entire product range.
Vibratory Settling Conveyors:
Settling conveyors restore your products from a chaotic jumble into a neat and ordered flow.
Dryer & Blancher Infeed and Outfeed:
To elevate the mass depositing of product, it is essential that a monolayer is achieved prior to the next key process.
Vibratory Cross Head Feeders:
Our cross head feeders use a vibratory system to maximise the accuracy of the feed to the dispersion table of the multihead. Our unique ‘synchronisation’ system is able to calibrate the flow to ensure smooth and constant delivery of the product to the weigher, ensuring the precise delivery of the product to the weigher.
Vibratory Metering Conveyors:
Metering conveyors create an even feed as well as on even spread of product. This will guarantee a sustainable input of products across your production line, which will vastly improve the efficiency of your downstream equipment.
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