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  • General Manager Tim Dudley
  • Managing Director: Mick Williams
  • Financial Director: Andrew Trippitt

CWM Automation Ltd is a UK company based in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire. Formed in 2006, we are specialists in providing customers with a wide range of filling, heat sealing and lidding machinery, as well as fully automatic end of line automation solutions. Our equipment is suitable for use in different industry sectors including dairy, convenience foods, bakery, pharmaceutical and household goods. All our machines are individually tailored to suit our customers' specific requirements.

An established, vibrant company, CWM Automation Ltd is experiencing progressive growth at a sustainable pace whilst laying down strong foundations on which to build. The Directors are meticulous in their planning for the future and work closely with their designers to develop innovative ideas to benefit customers. Individuals within CWM Automation Ltd provide a vast amount of quality experience in the automation industry both in the Food and Non Food sectors.

In April 2012, Williams EDI (owned by Mick Williams) merged companies with CWM Automation Ltd, providing one strong company with expertise in both mechanical and electrical engineering.


Products Supplied

Rotary Filling Machinery:
Forming part of CWM's core machinery range, rotary machinery can be tailored to meet individual customer demands.

CWM’s rotary lines are a highly flexible option for manufacturers wishing to increase their throughput. The unique design of our rotary machinery also allows for product changeovers to be achieved in under 10 minutes, allowing for more flexibility to fill different packaging formats on the same machine.

Rental options are also available on some rotary lines.
Linear Filling Machinery:
CWM Automation’s linear filling machinery provides high speeds and a high degree of flexibility for different and much larger packaging types. With a linear line, producers have the option to add hand load stations as well as automated deposits.

Available in a range of sizes, with a host of production systems and mechanisms that can be easily integrated, linear machinery can be tailored to meet customer needs. Examples of these mechanisms include: container dispense, foil or film seal stations, heat sealing, over lidding, fill lift systems and many more.
CWM 240i:
The 240i is CWM’s latest innovation. Designed to provide a more efficient filling and sealing solution, the 240i allows for significantly higher speeds and up to 30% more control than a traditional inline machine, combined with the flexibility of a rotary.

Incorporating Rockwell Automation’s iTRAK independent cart technology, the CWM 240i provides continuous motion and dwelling on the same frame bed. As opposed to traditional conveyer systems, the CWM 240i has a minimal amount of platens. These platens are quick release, allowing for swift product changeovers and use of a number of different packaging formats on one machine.

Increased speeds on the CWM 240i mean you can expect higher throughputs. In fact, the 240i provides a 75% rise in product throughput versus a linear machine, delivering you a financial payback up to 23% quicker. While the 240i’s footprint is considerably smaller than a standard linear machine, the output capacity is much greater. On a four-lane machine, the 240i can fill up to 240 pots per minute.
End of Line Machinery:
CWM Automation is also able to offer a range of end of line packing systems. Our end of line packing systems use multi-axis servo drives, and can incorporate case erectors, case sealers and automatic palletising.
Bottle Filling Machinery:
Offering high levels of flexibility and precision, CWM Automation’s range of fully automatic bottle filling machinery and capping systems can be fully adapted to meet production requirements. Customers can choose the number of filling heads, as well as conveyor length and conveyor width, which can be made fully adjustable using single point guide rail systems.

Whether you are filling beverages, condiments, cleaning products, or something else, you can rest assured that CWM Automation will work with you to find a bottling solution that provides accuracy and efficiency, to fully optimise your production.
Bucket Filling Machinery:
CWM Automation’s pail and bucket filling machines can automatically dispense buckets, fill, heat seal and lid at output speeds of up to 40 buckets per minute. Our bucket filling machines can volumetrically fill both wet and dry products and products with particulates. CWM is capable of filling different bucket sizes, including 1kg, 2.5kg, 5kg and 10kg.

Suitable for sauces, dressings, yogurt, cream, coleslaw, oils, pasta, olives, granules, powders, peanut butter, our bucket lines can be tailored to meet exact customer requirements.
Bakery Machinery:
CWM Automation can offer a full range of pie, pastry and bakery equipment. We can offer both semi-automatic and fully automatic production lines.
End of Line Equipment:
CWM Automation manufactures robust and reliable end of line solutions to accompany our range of filling machinery. When designing end of line solutions, a key priority is that our machinery is operator friendly and accessible, which is achieved through an open construction layout and informative operator-machine interfaces (HMI’s) and controls.

Our end of line packing systems use multi-axis servo drives and can incorporate case erectors, case sealers and automatic palletising. Depending upon the type of products packed, we can use either multi-axis servo systems or robots.
Control Systems & Electrical:
CWM Automation are a leading supplier of quality control system design, electrical design and engineering solutions, offering our customers a total solution from one supplier.

Catering for a range of industries, such as food & beverages, energy, manufacturing, quarry/mining, water treatment and many more, CWM has built up a wealth of knowledge in providing solutions to meet customer needs. All electrical and software design, as well as electrical panel/machine wiring is completed in-house by our team of experts.

In 2017, CWM became Machine Build Partners with Rockwell Automation, giving us access to all of the latest Allen Bradley PLC, Servo and HMI products. This includes the Kinetix 5700 and 5500 servo drives, Controllogix and Compactlogix PLC’s and PanelView HMI’s. Software is developed using the latest version of Studio 5000 and our engineers are kept up to date with training on new equipment/software.
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