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DCN are the market leaders in manufacturing world-class industrial food, beverage and pet food processing and packaging machinery. We have manufactured some of the largest plants around the world and are proud of our reputation for innovation, quality and understanding our customers' needs.

Our large equipment range includes our patented Jet Cook Technology, Cook Chill Systems, Steam Jacketed Kettles, Cooling Vessels and Can-Opening and Crushing Solutions.

On-site is a state of-the-art Product Development Kitchen, fully equipped with DCN cooking and cooling lines for training, testing and recipe development.

Management Personnel

  • Managing Director: David Norris
  • Director: Ian Jones

Products Supplied

Jet Cook:
Patented cutting-edge technology for high speed cooking and mixing of food, beverages and pet food.
Pump Fill Station:
Capkold Cook Chill process; Stand alone unit for the accurate batching of product for cooking and cooling. New Heat Seal model available.
Tumble Chiller:
Capkold Cook Chill process; Designed to chill filled hot casings rapidly, giving longer shelf life.
Jet Process System:
New high speed all-in-one process system which cooks, heats, entrains, cleans and sterilises in one compact design.
Wok-style Braising Pan:
Perfect for the preparation of small batch ethnic or ready meal foods. Frying/cooking/simmering.
Capkold Cook Chill System:
DCN Kettle, Pump Fill Station and Tumble Chiller rapidly cook and cool product to give a 5-6 week shelf life.
DA Cooler - dimpled glycol jacketed cooling vessel:
Cooling of a wide range of food products. Can be integrated with other systems.
Skeleton Conveyors:
Stainless steel construction, available in various options. Patented quick release belt.
Can Openers & Can Crushers:
Automatic, semi-automatic or pneumatically operated available. Adaptable to most can sizes.
DCN Steam-Jacketed Kettle - inclined (tilt-out) agitator:
Cooking and mixing of product using direct steam; patented agitator blades, accessories, CIP, homogenisers, blenders.
Steam-Jacketed Kettle - non agitated:
Custom made to order, cooks and/or mixes a wide range of food products.
Belt Chiller:
New patented Belt Chiller has been designed for better efficiency with faster cooling times and with an overall saving on production time, costs and labour.
Capkold Cook Chill Bag Emptier:
Designed to automatically open and empty Capkold Cook Chill bags, removing 99% of product, increasing yield.
Sous Vide Cook Tank:
For low temperature cooking/cooling of solid muscle items. Part of the Capkold Cook Chill process.
Cook Quench Chill System:
Designed to cook rice, vegetable and pasta products.
Overseas Reps

Overseas representation

We have representatives globally:
Please contact the UK office for your local sales office.
UK Reps

Companies represented in the UK

Joni Foodline, Denmark:
Tilting Kettles, Frying Pans and Cooking Ranges for the foodservice industry.
Emery Winslow, USA:
Industrial Scales and Weighing Systems.
Trade names

Trade names

  • Jet Cook

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