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Dotec has a long history of developing turnkey handling solutions for global customers. Through that knowledge we are able to be of great added value to your processes.
You will find the unique combination of speed, ergonomics and ease of use in the Dotec LiftAssist. Only a finger touch ensures direct and intuitive operation of the handler.
In addition, innovation, quality, reliability and safety is of paramount importance. Dotec is leading in integrating digital pneumatics into the LiftAssist. Dotec is ready for industry 4.0!


Products Supplied

Dotec Roll handling solutions
1. Flexible packaging: bags, pouches, shrink films, tubes, sleeves and carded packaging, multiple solutions mainly in 24/7 production environments

2. Label & narrow web: design with long chucks that can be interchangeable

3. Hygiene nonwoven: long history of baby/feminine/adult care production lines, also wipes household goods

4. Yarn & fabrics: wide and heavy rolls handled with probe type solutions, creel lines loaded and unloaded with fast and light lifting & turning devices

5. Sleeves & shafts: total solution provider to roll manufacturing, slitting, printing and converting

Roll Doffing Trolley
Developed for the label printing industry to remove batches of narrow rolls which increases output and increases safety
Dotec Handling solutions
1. Kegs and cases: lifting handlers in breweries & distribution centres

2. Glass, sheets & panels: horizontal or vertical movements, lift & tilt. Clamping, gripping with a vacuum or magnets

3. Boxes: pick & place, lifting, turning, emptying and place products in or out the box with features like grippers or vacuum cups wit our box handler

4. Drums: lift, turn, empty with our drum handler

5. Sack & bags: vacuum solutions for high speed ergonomic handling

6. Sleeves & shafts: horizontal to horizontal transfer, lifting and turning, roll manufacturing, slitting, printing and converting

7. Radiators: from small to light and to large and heavy

Dotec is digital
- integration of a pneumatic motion control system
- combination of a PLC and piezo controlled valves
- flow controlled proportional pressure regulation powered by 24Volt
- smooth, endless features and options
- secured safety
- minimised downtime by maximum of remote support
- reliable and ready for any machine/other automated system
Lifting solutions infrastructure
- Backbone of the total system
- Designed for the 24/7 production environment at high frequencies
- Strive for maximum weight savings to accomplish minimum effort while moving load
- Rail, trolleys and bearings match these rules
-Freestanding steel structures or ceiling mounted supporting steel
- Turnkey project management

Air Balance Lifter
- Fully integrated lifting solution
- Lifting boxes , crates, buckets, bags etc.
- Full 3D motion axes for 360 degrees of freedom movement
- Perfect for products from roller conveyor to place on pallets/bring these back
into the process

Dotec Jib cranes
- more suitable for short transfer processes
- comfortable and ergonomic movement
- exist of state of the art materials
- feel smooth while moving loads
- integrated parking bracket for security of safe way of parking the handler
when not in use

Dotec LiftAssist
- very specific characteristics based on ease of operation, speed of handling and ergonomics
- very short learning curve
- everything controlled by a finger touch
- increase of your flexibility
- complete focus on the material and surroundings
- instruction and training after every installation
- availability of real-life testing in Joure
Dotec Service
- yearly inspection and maintenance visits
- visits by field engineer or local Dotec service providers to assure that original parts
and high quality components are used
- immediate attention: reach out to Dotec by phone/email/website
- urgent problem: + 31 513 480 800

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Trade names

Trade names

  • Dotec Roll Handling Solutions
  • Dotec LiftAssist

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