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Elesa (UK) Ltd is a branch office of the Elesa Spa group, international manufacturer of plastic & metal standard machine parts for the mechanical engineering industry for over 75 years. Elesa products express a quality of design & ergonomic research with recognition of its brands as guarantees of quality & reliability. Continuous attention to clients' needs & a rapid service have made Elesa a reference point for designers & builders. More than 45,000 product codes, 200 patents & 42 international design awards produced with systems certified to ISO 9001 and ISO1401 are supported by localised stock and technical support.

Elesa Standards cover industrial components including, handwheels, handles, levers, knobs, spring and indexing plungers, levelling feet, locks and latches and hydraulic tank accessories in engineering grade plastics, aluminium, steel and stainless steel. Also a range of light to heavy duty industrial castors, vibration damping elements, conveyor components, rod ends, fork joints and magnets.

Industrial machinery and equipment are well served with the Elesa anti-vibration mounts, ball lock pins, ball transfer units, filler breathers, grip knobs, latch clamps and metal hinges, in addition to oil level indicators, plastic hinges, pneumatic clamps, stainless steel hinges, toggle clamps, tubular handles and wing knobs.

Management Personnel

  • Managing Director: Nigel Pritchett
  • Business Development Manager: Barry Rattenbury

Products Supplied

Hygienic Elements:
Antimicrobial Bridge Handle
Antimicrobial Bridge Handles
Antimicrobial Tapered Handles
Antimicrobial Tapered Handle
Bridge Handles
Bridge Handle
Finger Handle
Finger Handles
Flush Pull Handle
Flush Pull Handles
Folding Handles
Folding Handle
Grip knobs
Grip knob
Hygiene Hinge
Hygiene Hinges
Lobe knobs
Lobe knob
Tapered Handles
Tapered Handle
Tubular Handles
Tubular Handle
EHEDG Levelling Feet
clamp bolt
clamping bolts
clamping bolt
clamp bolts
bolts clamping
bolt clamping
bolts clamp
bolt clamp
hook clamp
clamps hook
hook clamps
clamp hook
Latch clamp
Latch clamps
clamp latch
clamps latch
Weldable latch clamp
latch clamps weldable
Weldable latch clamps
latch clamp weldable
over centre clamps
overcentre clamp
over centre clamp
overcentre clamps
clamps over centre
clamp over centre
clamps overcentre
clamp overcentre
over centre latch
overcentre latches
over centre latches
latch over centre
overcentre latch
latches over centre
latches overcentre
latch overcentre
clamps push-pull
push-pull clamps
clamps push pull
push-pull clamp
push pull clamp
push pull clamps
clamps quick release
quick release clamps
clamp quick release
quick release clamp
clamp toggles
pull-action toggle clamps
clamp toggle
toggle clamp
toggle latches
horizontal toggle clamps
toggle latch
pneumatic toggle clamps
pneumatic toggle clamp
toggle clamps
pull-action toggle clamp
horizontal toggle clamp
vertical clamp
clamps vertical
clamp vertical
vertical clamps
Ball Transfer Units & Modular Roller Tracks:
ball transfer units
conveyor rollers
Modular roller tracks
Modular roller track
ball transfer unit
conveyor roller
Castors and Wheels:
industrial castors
castor and wheel
castor wheels
wheels and castors
heavy duty castors
castors online
industrial castors
swivel castors
castor online
caster wheel
heavy duty castor
wheel and castor
nylon wheels
swivel castor
castors and wheels
trolley wheels
monolithic wheels
monolithic wheel
trolley wheel
industrial castor
industrial castor
nylon wheel
Connecting Clamps:
two way clamp
aluminium tube clamp
tube clamping components
metal tube clamps
aluminium tube clamps
tube clamp connector
tube clamp connectors
two way clamps
metal tube clamp
tubing clamps
tube clamping component
aluminium connecting clamps
aluminium tubing clamps
aluminium tubing clamp
aluminium connecting clamp
allen key clamp
tubing clamp
tube clamp
tube clamps
allen key clamps
Hinges and Connections:
hinges for electrical enclosures
safety hinges
hinges plastic
hinges stainless steel
enclosure hinge
hinge plastic
friction hinge
plastic hinges
friction hinges
stainless steel hinges
lift off hinge
stainless steel hinge
hinge stainless steel
safety hinge
lift off hinges
hinge for electrical enclosures
microswitch hinges
reinforced technopolymer hinge
microswitch hinge
reinforced technopolymer hinges
industrial hinge
industrial hinges
enclosure hinges
plastic hinge
cylindrical magnets
permanent magnets
alnico magnets
neodymium magnets
rare earth magnets
cylindrical magnet
industrial magnet
neodymium magnet
alnico magnet
strong magnet
permanent magnet
strong magnets
ferrite magnet
round magnets
samarium cobalt magnet
industrial magnets
samarium cobalt magnets
Vibration Dampening Elements:
anti vibration dampers
shock mounts
rubber mount
anti-vibration dampers
vibration dampers
anti vibration damper
anti-vibration damping
anti-vibration damper
anti vibration damping
anti vibration mounts
rubber mounts
anti vibration mount
anti-vibration mount
rubber bushe
antivibration damping
rubber bushes
rubber buffer
Accessories for Hydraulic Systems:
filler breather
oil level gauge
crankcase breathers
hydraulic tank breather
oil tank gauge
oil tank gauges
oil level gauges
tank breathers
air breather
tank breather
filler breathers
hydraulic tank caps
column level gauge
hydraulic tank breathers
column level gauges
oil filler breathers
oil sight glass
air breathers
liquid level gauges
liquid level gauge
oil sight glasses
crankcase breather
liquid level indicator
hydraulic tank cap
liquid level indicators
oil filler caps
Clamping Knobs:
wing knob
plastic knob
wing knobs
wing nut
black plastic knobs
threaded plastic knob
plastic hand knob
black plastic knob
stainless steel knob
plastic knobs
threaded plastic knobs
aluminium knobs
bakelite knobs
knobs with threaded stud
knurled knobs
threaded knobs
star knob
lobe knobs
plastic hand knobs
knob with threaded stud
wing nuts
lobe knob
thumb screw
clamping knob
lockable knobs
clamping knobs
threaded knob
bakelite knob
knurled knob
lockable knob
star knobs
thumb screws
aluminium knob
stainless steel knobs
Clamping Levers:
adjustable clamp lever
clamp lever
adjustable clamping levers
adjustable clamping lever
adjustable clamp levers
cam action lever
lever clamps
adjustable handles
adjustable handle
clamp levers
clamping lever
clamping levers
adjustable hand levers
adjustable hand lever
lever clamp
cam lever
cam levers
Control Elements:
plastic control knobs
aluminium control knobs
scale rings
control handwheel
knurled control knobs
control handwheels
plastic control knob
indicator knob
aluminium control knob
scale ring
control knobs
indicator knobs
control knob
control hand wheel
control hand wheels
control levers
knurled control knob
control lever
ball knob
fixed handle
spinner knob
ball knobs
spherical knobs
revolving handle
taper knobs
revolving handles
fixed handles
spinner knobs
spherical knob
knock on knob
knock on knobs
lever arm
taper knob
t handle
fold away handle
lever arms
fold away handles
t handles
Bridge handles
Bridge handle
grab handle
flush handles
tubular handles
u handle
pull handles
recessed handles
u handles
d pull handles
server rack handle
recessed handle
server rack handles
stainless steel handle
grab handles
flush handle
tubular handle
flush pull handle
flush pull handles
stainless steel handles
d pull handle
strap handle
pull handle
strap handles
Indexing and Positioning Elements:
spring plunger
retaining pin
ball lock pin
ball plungers
retaining pins
indexing plungers
ball lock pins
spring plungers
indexing plunger
ball plunger
index plunger
spring loaded plungers
pip pin
locating pins
spring loaded pins
pip pins
locating pin
quick release pins
spring loaded pin
spring loaded plunger
quick release pin
Levelling Elements:
stainless steel feet
machine feet
conveyor guide rails
levelling feet
heavy duty adjustable feet
conveyor guide rail
adjustable feet
conveyor brackets
levelling element
conveyor bracket
conveyor components
levelling elements
conveyor component
conveyor support base
conveyor support bases
plastic feet
Rotary Controls:
mechanical digital position indicator
shaft position indicator
position indicator
mechanical digital position indicators
valve position indicators
electronic position indicator
rotary controls
position indicators
electronic position indicators
shaft position indicators
rotary control
valve position indicator
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Trade names

Trade names

  • Ergostyle
  • Ganter

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