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Engelmann & Buckham (including Integrapak), is a modern agency company staffed by experienced, multi-lingual professionals who represent a number of high quality packaging machinery manufacturers; specialising in: flexible packaging, filling and capping, cartoning, casepacking and end of line automation. From single machine to complete line supply, from initial project analysis through to final commissioning, Engelmann & Buckham (E&B) is synonymous with the very best the industry can offer, all backed with high quality service and after-sales support. In addition, E&B offers a fast, responsive engineering service, flexible maintenance schemes and an extensive stock of replacement parts and spares.

Management Personnel

  • Chairman: Iain Buckham
  • Managing Director: Michael Lindsay
  • After Sales Manager: Dan Rainbird
  • Sales Manager: John Orme

Products Supplied

Vertical Form-Fill-Seal Machines:
A range of high-speed vertical machines including multi-lane portion packs, stickpacks, shaped sachets, tetrahedral and bulk catering pouches.
Continuous and batch processing, heating and cooling:
For medium to high viscous products to be heated or cooled, such as sauces, dressings and products with particulates.
Continuous Sterilizers:
Continuous sterilizers for all kinds of packaging including cans, pouches, bottles, trays and glass jars for medium to large scale production.
Bottle unscrambling, filling and capping machinery:
Computer controlled filling of bottles and containers up to 30 litres, twin line, in-line or rotary. Highly flexible with no change parts.
Bottle and cup filling and closing:
High speed filling of liquids and viscous products into cups and small bottles using multiple closing systems and enabling quick changeover.
Rinsing and Capping:
A range of high speed rinsing and capping machines, rotary, stand alone and combined.
Drum & IBC Filling machines:
Automatic, Semi-Automatic and Robotic Weigh-Filling machines for drums and IBCs ranging from 5Kg to 1,500Kg.
Bag in box filling:
Weighing, dosing and tumble filling into lined cases, made to measure bags placed with precision and accurate filling of fats and semi-liquids.
Wrapping and packaging of blocks of edible fats:
Processing of butter, margarine etc into blocks and wrapping with various materials.
Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal Machines:
A range of versatile modular doy pack and sachet machines for dry and liquid filling with an extensive range of optional fittings.
Doypack and Stand-up Pouch Filling Machines:
High-speed filling machines for pre-made stand-up pouches, including spout insertion and through spout filling and capping, as well as form fill and seal.
Stickpack, Shaped Sachet and Tetrahedral Pack Machines:
A range of form-fill-seal machines from 1 to 20 lanes for making stickpacks, shaped sachets and tetrahedral packs for liquid, powder, solid and multi-component products.
Flow Wrapping, Handling and Feeding:
A range of high-speed flow wrapping machines with high-speed product handling, feeding and distribution systems for fragile, stick, irregular and difficult products; including systems for wetwipes and biscuits.
Cup Fillers:
A range of machines designed to fill and seal a wide variety of products, volumes and cup sizes up to 600ppm.
Wrap around sleeving:
Open or closed carton wrapping of bottles, pots and other containers, hot melt gluing with speeds from 20 to 450 packs per minute.
Horizontal and vertical cartoners, intermittent and continuous with various options including direct fill and bag-in-box.
Case & tray forming and packing:
Versatile integrated packaging systems to form, fill and close cartons.
High-Speed Tray-Loading Machinery:
Intermittent and continuous motion, medium and high-speed tray loaders.
Top load, side load and wraparound casepackers, intermittent and continuous motion.
Shrink Wrapping:
A range of high-speed shrink wrapping machines.
Poly-wrapping machines:
A range of market-leading, high-speed poly-wrapping machines with related feeders and ancillary equipment.
A range of high and low level, layer, gantry and robot palletisers.
A range of automatic, sweep and layer de-palletisers.
Pallet Wrapping and Distribution Systems:
A range of semi and fully automatic pallet wrappers and conveying.
Paper cup forming:
Manufacturer of cups, cones, flat cones and Desto multi-layer cups. Reel fed punching and printing machinery for cup, cone blanks and lids.
Paper Enclosing and Enveloping Machines:
A range of medium and high-speed paper enclosing, enveloping machines and related ancillary equipment.
Thermal Inkjet Printers (TIJ):
A range of New Thermal Inkjet Printers (TIJ) specifically designed for printing variable data onto all types of packaging and substrates. Options for single and multi-line printing.
Film and sheet extrusion:
Extrusion and calendering of PP, PS and PET. Films are used in thermoforming of trays, cups and lids for the food industry. Material is also used in optical, photovoltaic, medical and automotive industries.
Reel handling trolleys:
Both electric and manual for easy handling of reel feed stock.
Overseas Reps

There are no overseas Rep descriptions registered for this organisation

UK Reps

Companies represented in the UK

AiCROV, Spain:
Container, Drum and IBC filling machines & filling and closing lines.
Lita, Italy:
Robotic and sweep type palletisers; depalletisers; automated pallet warehousing.
Rono, Germany:
Manufacture of high pressure scraped surface heat exchangers, SSHE pasteurizers, pin workers and rework PHE systems.
Sema Systemtechnik, Germany:
Specialist manufacturers of secondary packaging systems for the dairy industry: Tray Erecting, Tray Packing, Case Packing & Sleeving machinery either as free standing equipment or integrated with up-stream machinery.
Sitma Machinery S.p.A., Italy:
High-speed poly-wrapping and shrink-wrapping machines for general packaging applications. Bespoke systems available.
SML Maschinengesellschaft, Austria:
Extrusion and calendering of PP, PS and PET. Films are used in thermoforming of trays, cups and lids for the food industry. Material is also used in optical, photovoltaic, medical and automotive industries.
Technowrapp S.r.l. Italy:
Automatic high-speed stretch wrappers for palletised loads including turn-table, rotating arm and rotating ring machines.
Torq Packaging S.r.l. Italy:
Rinsing and rotary capping machines as stand alone units or integrated into a filling line.
Volpak S.A.U. Spain:
An extensive range of high quality, packaging machines that include horizontal and vertical form-fill-seal sachet machines, cartoning and casepacking machines offering complete line, turnkey solutions.
VMS, Germany:
Aseptic & Ultra-Clean filling machines for cups, bottles, glass jars & buckets
Apsol S.r.l. Italy:
End of line machinery that includes case erectors and casepackers, de-palletisers and palletisers.
Besco, Italy:
Electric and manual reel handling trolleys.
Betti S.r.l. Italy:
Vertical and continuous motion cartoners for food, chemical and agricultural and other products.
Breitner, Germany:
Inductive, mass flow meter and volumetric bottle and container fillers; bottle cappers; trigger spray applicators; bottle unscramblers.
CHR. Bock & Sohn, Germany:
Packaging equipment for margarine, butter and edible fats. Wrapping machines for Blocks and Slabs from 1Kg to 25Kg.
Hydrolock, France:
Manufacturers of continuous sterilisers for cans, bottles, retort pouches, trays and glass jars.
Norwix, USA - Array Graphics:
Inc.Jet, New Thermal Inkjet Printers (TIJ) specifically designed for printing variable data onto all types of packaging and substrates. Options for single and multi-line printing.
INVpack, Spain:
Multi-lane stickpack and sachet machines with dosing systems for dry, liquid, dairy and pharmaceutical applications. Shaped 4 side seal sachets. High-speed flow wrappers, integrated infeeds, product handling and product distribution systems.
Trade names

Trade names

  • .UNO
  • Inc.Jet
  • Intamac
  • AiCROV
  • Hydrolock
  • Integra
  • Integrapak
  • Involvo
  • IWS
  • Jolly
  • Kleen Peel(R)
  • Kombinator
  • Kompatta
  • Apsol
  • Kroenert
  • Lita
  • Netfill
  • Novax
  • Perfector (R)
  • Plasti-Corder (R)
  • Plastograph (R)
  • Polymix
  • Polyprint
  • Polystat
  • Aquatrac
  • PR Pack & Process
  • Presto
  • Pyropel (R)
  • Ramona
  • Rasim
  • Resil Impact Testers
  • Rissen
  • Ritebag
  • Ritemed
  • Ritepet
  • Array Graphics
  • Riteplus
  • Roboduo
  • Robouno
  • Ronothor
  • Safegard (R)
  • Sema Systemtechnik
  • Sitma
  • SML
  • Technowrapp
  • TORQ
  • Betti
  • Volpak
  • Watt-Flex
  • Winpak
  • Zambelli
  • .CORE
  • Niverplast
  • VMS
  • CHR Bock & Sohn
  • Breitner
  • Collins Ink
  • Consistator (R)
  • Flexim
  • Norwix
  • Intamac Packaging Systems
  • Alphapack

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