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Erapa (UK) distribute Shrink Wrapping, Sleeve Wrapping, Bagging, Banding, Lidding, Vacuum Packing and Flow Wrapping machines. These systems can be supplied as stand-alone systems or within bespoke packaging lines. All our systems are backed-up with comprehensive technical and service support.

Branding By Banding

Working with our partners over the last decade, we have developed and perfected a unique banding and labeling system that will save up to 80% of packaging waste generated; additional waste can be detrimental to the environment and carries possible financial implications. With our banding system these ecological factors can be reduced dramatically and, at the same time, produce a secure and attractive package.

The advantage of banding is that when a product is gas flushed, the Bandall system automatically applies the correct tension to the size of the pack. This eliminates the problem of too much gas (which results in an over-sized pack) or too little gas( resulting in an undersized pack). Our banding system gets the labeling right every time by eliminating the need for adhesive labels, bulky cardboard sleeves and time consuming recycling processes required to remove adhesive labels from the outer packaging. BANDING, THE ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY ALTERNATIVE!


Products Supplied

High Speed Automatic L-Sealers, Side Sealers & Box motion:
up to 100ppm.
LADYPACK Manual & Semi-Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machines:
Entry level chamber machines to semi-automatic systems with sealing capabilities up to 1100mm x 900 mm.
LADYPACK Fully Automatic Shrink Wrapping:
Machines from combined and compact L sealer and Shrink Tunnel units to high speed rotary side sealers.
Sleeve Wrapping Machines:
Highly spec'd industrial grade machines from push button control semi-automatics to automatic collating systems.
SIMPLICITA Vertical Form, Fill & Seal Machines:
Highly versatile machines designed for stand alone applications and automatic bagging line integration. Utilises Lay Flat Tube for bags up to 1.5mtrs long.
TLM Flow Wrapping Machines:
Compact entry level machines to semi-automatic and high speed automatic lines with features including 'no product no bag' and MAP. 60-600 ppm.
BANDALL Paper & Plastic Banding Machines:
Paper or plastic band applicators for stand alone and automatic line integration. Various band widths available with bands from 29mm to 100mm. Printed Bands to replace cardboard sleeves.
VP Mailing Machines & Packaging Range:
From manual systems through to automatic high speed lines built to customers' specifications.
VP Lidding Machines:
Lidding machinery, manual to fully automatic, incorporating (MAP) denesting devices, with skin effect & SS option.
VP Vacuum Packing Machines:
Manual to fully automatic chamber movements, Dip tanks, drying tunnels (MAP).
Bespoke Lines:
Designed and manufactured to customers' requirements with integration and interfacing onto new and existing lines.
Overseas Reps

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UK Reps

Companies represented in the UK

Pactur, Italy:
Shrink Wrapping.
Ravizza, Italy:
Bagging machines.
BandAll, the Netherlands:
Banding machines.
TLM, Italy:
Flow Wrapping.
Vision Pack, Italy:
GDS Packaging, Italy:
Shrink Wrapping.
Trade names

Trade names

  • Band All:
  • GDS:
  • LadyPack:
  • Simplicita:
  • TLM:
  • MiniPack:

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