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At Farleygreene we have been designing and manufacturing sieving machinery at our UK factory since 1976.

Design is at the heart of what we do but our company is focused around our customers. We take the time to research your industry and the materials you process, working alongside you to offer you the best machine for your requirements.

Management Personnel

  • Managing Director: Antony Hare
  • Area Sales Manager Europe: Daniel Morlan
  • Strategic Development Manager: David Buckley
  • Engineering Projects Manager Aaron Hatcher
  • Operations Manager: Fred Newman
  • Marketing Manager: Charlotte Staley

Products Supplied

Sievmaster Slimline Range:
The Slimline vibratory sieve is designed for check screening both wet and dry applications. The sieve can be gravity fed or stand alone on a mobile or static frame.
Sievmaster Vacusiev & Pressure Sieve:
The Vacusiev is used for check screening very fine, dusty materials. The pneumatic system uses either vacuum or positive pressure to transfer product in one pass.
Sievmaster Easilift Range:
The Easilift is a sack tip station with an integrated sieve. It features a pneumatically powered hood and inclined sack rest table for low level bag tipping.
Sievmaster E-400:
The E-400 sieve is available with a range of options to meet individual requirements; including check screening, grading, or low volume sack tipping.
Sievmaster Multiscreen:
Separate, grade, and sort material up to 4 fractions using the Multiscreen sieve. Available in 800, 1200 or 1500mm diameters.
Sievmaster 200-S Artisan Sieve:
The 200-S unit provides a check sieving solution for small batches. Its modular design allows for use with both powders and liquids.
Sievmaster 500-S:
A smaller and economically priced sieve, it suits those needing to sieve products in smaller batches but still requiring a fast, efficient system.
Sievmaster 700-ST:
Separate material on a continuous basis with the 700-ST. A durable machine for check screening or grading where maximum use is required.
Sievmaster Rota series:
The Rota provides a non-vibratory type of centrifugal sifting. Completely dust tight and static it can be fixed into place for high volume screening.
Sievmaster Disintegrader:
Designed to de-agglomerate compacted material or break down solid materials, the Disintegrader breaks and sieves product in one motion.
Sievmaster Ultrasonic System:
For difficult and very fine classification of powders all Farleygreene machines can be fitted with an ultrasonic de-blinding system.
Sievmaster Segregator:
The Segregator has a large screen area designed to move wet or dry product in a linear motion. This machine is ideal for de-dusting and de-watering applications.
Sievgen 04:
A fully automated ultrasonic sieve for processing additive manufacturing powders in a safe and sealed environment.
Sievgen 03:
An ultrasonic sieve designed for processing small batches of metal additive powders. A budget system that offers a quick and easy powder processing solution.
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