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Fortress Technology (Europe) Ltd are suppliers of custom and standard metal detectors, metal detection systems, checkweighers & X-Ray. From their manufacturing site in Oxfordshire, Fortress provides sales and after sales service for the UK, in addition to distribution and support across a wide geographic range of territories. The INTERCEPTOR, STEALTH & PHANTOM models offer simple operation, highest levels of reliability and maximised performance.

Fortress's Never Obsolete commitment comes from a design and manufacturing philosophy to provide the lowest cost of ownership by ensuring compatibility throughout the range, and preventing problems of obsolescence. Either fully stainless to IP69k or aluminium painted, Fortress detectors can be supplied as individual units, (ideal for OEM applications), or fully integrated onto conveyor systems. These conveyor systems for finished goods inspection are designed and built to conform to all the latest specifications set by major retailers and standards agencies such as EFSIS and BRC. Appropriate reject systems are included, and when needed will be tailor made to satisfy specific customer application or product requirements. In addition to the end of line conveyor applications Fortress offer 'in process'; solutions which include Pipeline systems for pumped liquids, pastes and sauces, Gravity units for free falling products such as grains, powders and granules and Throat detectors for vertical form fill and seal.

Fortress provides a complete range of after sales service products which include certified validation visits, expert training at all skill and levels and preventative maintenance programmes.

Management Personnel

  • Managing & Sales Director: Phil Brown
  • Marketing Manager Leonie Brown
  • Technical Sales Support Manager Paul Ingall
  • Operations Facilities Manager Natasha Page
  • Events Co-ordinator Donna Brown
  • Electrical and Mechanical Design Manager Dave Reynolds
  • Commercial Manager: Jodie Curry
  • Chief Operations Officer: Sarah Mahony
  • Finance Manager Nicky Gutteridge
  • Production Manager Ben Fisher
  • Export Manager: Kati Hope

Products Supplied

Utilising simultaneous frequency the Interceptor detector has been designed to increase food safety on wet and conductive product lines, including bakery, cereals, meat and dairy. This Interceptor range overcomes the longstanding issue of product effect when using a metal detector, increasing detection sensitivity by up to 100% for stainless steel and helping to eliminate false product rejects.
Graders & Batching Systems:
Accurate, flexible net-weight grading and batching.

Designed to hit demands for highly accurate, high risk, net-weight grading or batching systems, meet our GW-150.

Continuous precision weighing maximises throughput and efficiency, providing products for further processing or for automatic supply to packing lines.

What's more, the bespoke design delivers the ultimate in flexibility when it comes to grading bands and operator interface with downstream equipment.
Multihead (Selective Combination Weighers):
Versatile solutions for unusual product values and shapes.

Most applications demand a standard circular layout, where speeds of up to 200 weighing's per minute are achievable.

However, we also develop special multihead machines where an unusual product value or product shape means that a standard machine layout is not suitable.

Multi-Lane Weighers:
Ensure compliance with robust simplicity.

Our Multilane Weighers including the Hydra and the Medusa (catering for applications with anything from 2 to 32 lanes) are designed, engineered and constructed to the highest standards.

The simple, ergonomic modular design is robust and easy to clean as well as being straightforward to operate and maintain. As a result, you'll comply with all factory personnel and food handling safety requirements.

Verifying the weight of each product, the Average Finished Weight Variance (Giveaway) is calculated and the system will, if required, provide a control feedback signal to upstream equipment.

An evolution of the Phantom model. Includes enhanced software functionality for ALL the latest retailer codes of practice in addition to data capture functionality via USB for Quality records and HACCP procedures. Stock and Custom aperture sizes available in Stainless or Painted Aluminium construction to cover a wide range of applications.
Management Information (Data Collection):
Instantaneous data at your fingertips.

Management information tools support all our machines.

From printers to remote or integrated software and statistics collection software, we provide full management information systems.

OEM Partnerships:
Collaborating to bring you bespoke products.

We have collaborative relationships with a number of machinery manufacturers for whom we develop bespoke weighing and counting control systems.
Bread Dough Weighing At Its Best:
The Hestia is a highly accurate, bread dough check-weighing system specifically designed for bread production environments.

Providing real-time control feedback to the dough divider, its capacity is a magnificent 10,000 products per hour.
Digital Metal Detector for a variety of applications and satisfying entry level applications and/or machinery protection which require fewer fail-safes and features. Available in both Painted Aluminium and Stainless construction. Suitable for all metal check applications and a range of sizes. Fully up-gradable to Stealth model if required.
Metal Detector conveyor system customised to suit the application and product handling requirements. When combined with the Stealth, Phantom or Interceptor metal detector it can satisfy the most basic entry level requirements or more complex or custom specifications such as BRC, M&S Tesco etc. An essential solution for satisfying the requirements of food safety audits.
Industrial Metal Detector. IP69K rated for pumped liquids, sauces and meats and incorporating all the features included within the Stealth electronics.
Pharmaceutical Metal Detector suitable for tablets and similar small high performance applications.
Industrial Metal Detector for free flowing, gravity products. Grain, powders, cereals and similar dry products.
Throat Metal Detector for VFFS and bagger applications. Minimum installation space required. Including full Stealth functionality and the Halo integrated test facility to provide accurate and cost effective testing in this application.
Industrial Metal Detector for inspecting Aluminium packed products such as foil trays and pouches. Identifies Ferrous metal only but includes all of the standard Stealth functionality to satisfy retailer requirements for fail safes and data capture.
Live event and data logging system using Ethernet data communications. WIFI and hard wired options - simple USB on Stealth & Interceptor models.
Single section or multi section systems designed for web inspection of products and fibres such as paper, film and board. Suited to machinery protection applications.
Food Safety - All-in-One Machines - Compliance:
Combination of all current Food Safety technology in ONE system.

Combinations of Weighing, XRAY/MD and Label inspection in one machine.

All systems compliant with major Retailers COP's.

One HMI, smaller footprint, improved Uptime.
X-Ray Inspection Systems:
X-ray technology you can trust.

Designed for the high-risk food environment, our outstanding X-ray inspection and combination X-ray and weighing systems identify foreign bodies and product defects as well as process and packaging problems.

Improving process efficiency and saving line space, the 420 range - including the outstanding Theia - gives you the power to inspect and weigh each product simultaneously.

As a result, you'll increase productivity and guarantee compliance, protecting your brand and safeguarding your customers.

Label Inspection and Package Verification:
Be compliant with major retailers COP's for Visual Package Inspection.

Make sure the right label is on the pack, in the right spot and all variable data like BBD, Barcodes or Batch numbers are correct.

Our Vision Inspection technology SparcEye can be integrated in all types of Sparc machines like X-ray, Checkweigher, Metal detector.

Combined Metal Detector & Checkweighers:
Pin-point accuracy for the high-risk food industry.
Highly accurate and fully integrated, our combination metal detection, packaging inspection and check-weighing systems are the perfect solution for high-risk food production environments.

The Cerberus and Cerberus Twin head machines check for potential metal contaminants, inspect labels and verify the weight of each product.

Calculating the Average Finished Weight Variance (giveaway) and providing a control feedback signal to upstream equipment, you'll protect your brand with real-time information, achieving a quantifiable return on your investment.

Dynamic, versatile in-line weighers.

Designed, engineered and constructed to the highest standards, our dynamic in-line checkweighers - the Sentinel, for example - deliver for packs up to 50kg at speeds of up to 350 packs per minute.

Everything from the touch-screen operation to the food quality plastics and stainless steel construction contributes to a long lasting and highly accurate end of line, IP65-grade, weighing system.

Overseas Reps

Overseas representation

Fortress Technology:
With manufacturing facilities in the UK, Canada & Brazil, Fortress is represented globally through a network of experienced distributors. Please contact the UK office, or visit our website for details of your local sales & service representative.
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Trade names

Trade names

  • Stealth
  • Interceptor
  • Phantom
  • Raptor
  • Vertex
  • Halo
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