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The first choice manufacturer of Pumps and Mixers for over 80% of the world’s top Food and Beverage brands, along with leading names in the Pharmaceutical and Chemical industries.

More than 100 years of experience make Fristam one of the world's oldest manufacturers of pumps, with our recipe for success boiling down to maintaining three core principles:

Quality: We manufacture our pumps predominantly from the purest cast and forged stainless steel. The best material for optimum hygiene and reliability which makes them practically maintenance free.

Flexibility: We can custom build each of our pumps considering your individual specific requirements.

Innovation: We are driven by innovation and inspired by our clients unique specifications which ensures we always aim to deliver a product to surpass our customers’ expectations.

Management Personnel

  • Managing Director: Alastair Black
  • Regional Sales Manager - South of England: Mark Holland
  • Regional Sales Manager - Nth England & Scotland: Nik Sheppard
  • Internal Sales Engineer: Matt Towsey
  • Marketing Manager: Charlotte Payne
  • Spares and Deliveries Co-Coordinator: Jo Sandalls

Products Supplied

Fristam Double Screw Pump FDS:
Suitable for a wide range of applications, the FDS is especially ideal for manufacturers with shear sensitive products that require gentle transportation, without compromising on speed during transfer time. Perfect for delicate products like cream as well as soft solids, even being able to transport whole strawberries without crushing or damaging them! Exceptional suction means the FDS can pull almost a full vacuum and handle up to 70% air, reducing potential cavitation on thicker liquids such as peanut butter whilst also making it ideal for CIP scavenge, barrel, IBC or tanker unloading duties. Essentially the FDS can handle pressures of 25 bar even at 1cp, making it the ideal pump for pigging the line to minimise product wastage.
Designed to optimise hygiene, the FDS has evolved to feature a completely open and fully flushed seal area. Being cavity free it's also impossible for any residue to be left behind when flushing the pump during its CIP cycle.
The Fristam FDS is designed to run at very low speeds on product and up to 3600rpm during CIP or thin liquids, making it ideal for using one pump to transfer both product and achieve incredibly high CIP scavenge and transfer flow rates. This means that there is no need for additional centrifugal pumps (transfer or scavenge), or a CIP by-pass.
Fristam Powder Mixers PM, PMV:
This universal unit was specially designed to dissolve/emulsify and homogenise wet and dry ingredients into fluids.

Supported by a base frame, a self-priming centrifugal pump is connected to the shear pump via a pipe joint. Via a funnel, the powder is added to product stream and then homogenised with the help of a shear pump.

A table at ergonomic operation height facilitates manual powder feeding.

If equipped with the according control systems, a powder mixer can also be attached to a fully automated system. If required, adapters for automatic and semi-automatic feeding via big bags, screw-conveyers and other conveyer
systems can be delivered.

This powder mixer dissolves:
stabilisers in the fermentation of milk products such as gelatine in cream, pectin in cream cheese
milk powder for the production of milk mixed beverage, ice cream, fruit milk
concentrates of milk protein or oils/fats for increasing the protein and/or fat contents of milk for cheese production
starch, salt and sugar, aspartame and other sugar substitutes
flavours and citric acid
protein powder (spray dried) for the production of bakery products
wheat/rye flour or wheat meal for sourdough for producing breakfast cereals and ready to bake mixes
pectin, CMC, Carbopol, gum Arabic and other thickener powders such as locust bean gum and guar gum or xanthan gum
minerals such as lime, bentonite, CMC, barite etc. for the production of drilling fluids as auxiliary substances in petroleum and gas exploration.
Fristam Positive Displacement Pumps FKL:
Excellent suction performance and effective product protection at high volumetric flow rates.

The Fristam FKL circumferential piston pumps come with really persuasive, unrivalled performance features: they perfectly combine the active principles of the Fristam circumferential piston pump FK and Fristam rotary lobe FL in one single pump.

Technical details:
10 different sizes
Discharge pressures up to 35 bar
Flow rates up to 120 m3/h
Viscosities up to 1,000,000 mPa s
Fristam Rotary Lobe Pumps FL/FL2/FL3:
When you need an especially gentle product handling with absolutely minimal shear and pressures up to 12 bar. Hygienic, robust, easy to maintain, durable, economical. Whilst being extremely compact the Fristam FL series pumps make CIP and SIP easier than ever before.

All FL series' pumps have a state-of-the-art system of low slip lobes rotating free of contact in opposite directions, thus ensuring high efficiency even in low viscosities or at high temperatures.

Technical Details:
11 different sizes
Discharge Pressures up to 12 bar
Flow rates up to 70m3/h
Viscosities up to 100,000mPa s
Fristam Shear Pumps FSP:
Homogenising, Dispersing, Emulsifying and Dissolving. Produce multiphase products of consistent high quality, again and again.

The principle is really quite simple.
The new, efficient mixing method is based on the proven centrifugal pumps of the Fristam FP range. Instead of the impeller, a rotor/stator system operating at tip speeds of up to 38 m/s, draws in homogeneous media through shearing clearances of just 0.3 mm.

Extremely high flow rates generated in the rotor/stator system and a high shear rate of up to 125,000 1/s enables high-performance blending of multiphase products. The result is inseparable emulsions and end products of incomparable homogeneity.

The smooth operating performance achieved by this system conforms with the unique precision and quality you have come to expect from all Fristam components.

Since applications vary in type and complexity, we offer customised solutions ranging from small single units to large-scale inline installations, as well as expert engineering consultation and support.

Technical Details:
5 different sizes
Impeller 0 from 130 to 250 mm
Shear rates up to 125,000 1/s
Revolution speed up to 5,800 rpm
Viscosities up to 100,000 mPa s
Fristam Side Channel Centrifugal Pumps FZ:
The universal solution for high suction performance.

The self-priming Fristam FZ pumps operate in accordance with the side-channel principle. Impellers with radial blades, in conjunction with hydro-dynamically optimised side-channels, transmit the pressure energy to the product. Very narrow packed sealing gaps ensure an outstanding suction performance.

Technical details:
6 different sizes
System pressures up to 15 bar
Discharge pressures up to 6.5 bar
Flow rates up to 64 m3/h
Viscosities up to 5,000 mPa s
Fristam Centrifugal Pump FP:
Universal, gentle on the product, robust, low maintenance, durable, and economic - centrifugal pumps are the ideal solution for your application.

All Fristam FP pumps are equipped with open impellers, which is an ideal design for sanitary applications. Specially selected stainless steel alloying that lives up to all requirements and solid components with a minimum wall thickness of 6 mm provide for problem-free operation for product viscosities of up to 800 cps.

Technical details:
14 different sizes
System pressures up to 25 bar
Discharge pressures up to 15 bar
Flow rates up to 550 m3/h
Viscosities up to 800 mPa s
The FPM/FSM Magnetically coupled centrifugal/shear pump:
Ideal for dangerous or toxic substances, this particular pump is available as a shear pump or centrifugal pump, depending on what you are pumping.

Its also well suited to anyone who would prefer a seal-less design to save on maintenance costs.

The FPM/FSM is hermetically sealed, protecting both the product being pumped from the atmosphere and vice versa. This pump provides a smooth transfer of liquids with solids content up to 5wt%
The Fristam FPC - Hybrid Centrifugal Pump:
Combining an upstream rotor screw with eccentrically mounted rotor housing, the FPC pumps have been specifically designed for pumping liquids with a high gas content.

Ultra Hygienic open impeller design
Works where other pumps struggle with difficult applications.
Long service life of 30+ years and exceptional seal life.
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