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For over 20 years, FT SYSTEM – part of Antares Vision* - has led the way providing control and inspection equipment for bottling and packaging (both in line and in laboratory). Our solutions ensure the total quality of your product safeguarding your customer and your brand. Our offerings inspect for fill level, leak detection, internal pressure and vacuum, full case, KEG inspection, cap and label inspection. Our patented laser spectroscopy technology allows for non-invasive and non-destructive pressure sensing inside closed containers. We manufacture over 640 inspection systems a year. Service personal resident in the UK.
More than 400 machines operating in the UK including CCE, Unilever, Carlsberg, Britvic, Princes, Nestlé, Heinz, Muller, Premier foods, Highland Spring, Buxton Spring.

*Antares Vision guarantees the process of protecting products throughout their lifecycle, through the most comprehensive and scalable global solutions in Inspection Systems, Track & Trace and Smart Data Management for the most demanding industrial sectors such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food, beverage, cosmetics and fashion. With its products and services, Antares Vision reaches more than 60 countries worldwide with three Italian branches (Brescia, Parma, Latina), eight foreign branches (Germany, France, Ireland, USA, Brazil, India, Russia and Hong Kong), two Innovation Centers located in Italy and Ireland (Galway) and a worldwide network of more than 30 partners. With a 20 year experience in vision technologies, Antares Vision is the supplier of 10 of the world’s top 20 pharmaceutical companies: more than 25,000 inspection systems ensure every day product safety and quality, while over 2,500 serialization lines are installed all over the world to guarantee the tracking of more than 5 billion products across the whole supply chain. Antares Vision has been listed on the Italian Stock Exchange since April 2019 - the AIM Italia/ Alternative market segment is dedicated to dynamic and competitive SMEs. At the end of September 2019 Antares Vision acquired 100% of FT System, leader of the control and inspection in the beverage sector. Emidio Zorzella and Massimo Bonardi have been awarded with the Best Entrepreneur of The Year Award for innovation by Ernst & Young. www.antaresvision.com


Products Supplied

FT SYSTEM, Inspection equipment:
Full range of high speed inspection equipment for Food and Beverage production.
FT SYSTEM, Empty Container inspection - Metal tins cans containers:
Vision - Camera inspection
Foreign body bodies
Quality inspection
FT SYSTEM, Rejection:
High speed rejecters
Bump rejecter
Multi finger rejecter
Flipper rejecter
Sampling rejecter
Reject table
Rect bin
FT SYSTEM, Line efficiency monitoring:
Filler monitoring
Identify efficiencies of individual filling heads filling valves
Capper monitoring
Identify efficiencies of individual capping heads
FT SYSTEM, Level check:
Level check for liquids and sauces
High Frequency
Fully automated with rejection options
FT SYSTEM, Cap checking prior to application:
Cap check prior to application
Check for damage
Check for quality
Check safety ring
Plastic caps
ROPP caps
Metal twist off caps
Crown Corks
FT SYSTEM, Cap checking after filling:
Cap presence
Cap position
Cap condition
Cap quality
Tamper evident strips
Pilfer proof Strips
FT SYSTEM, Label check:
Label presence
Label position
Label quality
Label damage
Correct label
Text and content check
QR Code
Date code
FT SYSTEM, 3D Vision inspection:
Shape inspection
Bottle shape inspection
Label quality inspection
Full 3D imaging
Text and OCR reading
QR Code reading
Date code and lot code reading and check
FT SYSTEM, Leak test - Squeezer:
Pressure leak test
PET bottle leak test
HDPE leak test
Glass leak test
Cap leak test
FT SYSTEM, Leak test - Lazer:
100% High speed non contact leak test
No damage to internal valves on sports caps
Lazer inspection of head space
Nitrogen Dose leak test
Carbonation leak test
Pressure leak test
FT SYSTEM, Empty Bottle inspection - EBI Glass check:
Glass check
Neck ring check
Base check
Side wall check
Find cracks
Foreign body bodies
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FT System, control & inspection:
Full range of inspection and control equipment for the food and beverage sector.More than 400 machines made each year.
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