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Webb Automation has an international reputation for the design, manufacture and supply of high quality filling/ packaging equipment and with full in-house facilities plus the ability to offer turnkey projects to meet a client’s specific requirements.

Management Personnel

  • UK Sales Manager: Chris Head
  • Export Sales Manager: Nick Mobbs
  • Chairman & Managing Director: Paul Webb

Products Supplied

Model MF-3 Range of Auger Fillers:
Mini fill high accuracy servo controlled filling systems for small, accurately controlled powder dosing - suitable for filling small containers, sachets, stick packs etc.
Model DF1 Range of Auger Fillers (UK):
Standard clutch/brake type auger fillers which can be manually operated or linked to automatic form fill and seal machines.
Model EF-3 Range of Auger Fillers (UK):
Using direct drive technology with standard drive motors and variable speed two stage fill for high accuracy. Machine parameters can be stored on 1024 individual product codes allowing quick change over between product. Weight control also available from a few grammes to 25kg.
Model SF-3 Range of Servo Driven Auger Fillers (UK):
Utilises high speed servo drive system with variable speed from 0-3000 rpm with stopping accuracy of 0.09 degrees of auger revolution. Stirrer speed is also variable. 1024 unique product codes available for machine settings.
Model SF-3/LW 'Loss-in-Weight' Range of Auger Fillers (UK):
Compact, clean high accuracy, weight controlled filling solution particularly suited for applications with form, fill and seal machines.
Model IT-70 Intermittent Operating:
Rotary Indexing System (UK) Combined with fillers can operate at speeds up to 60 containers per minute up to a maximum size of 70mm diameter x 200mm high.
Model IT-200 / IT-400:
Integrated powder filling, check weighing & can seamer. Compact monoblock systems offering complete can filling & closing at up to 60/min.
Model RP760 RotoPlant:
Continuous Motion Rotary Filling Machine (UK) Highly flexible container handling system which can operate at speeds in excess of 200/min. Interchangeable turret system allowing different configuration of heads to accommodate a wide variety of container sizes. Combinations of 8, 12 and 16 heads are available for high speed filling. Touch sensitive control panel with machine parameters saved to individual product codes allowing rapid changeover and maximising profits operates with auger fillers, cup fillers or weighers.
Model RP125 / RP508 RotoPlant:
Continuous Motion Rotary Filling Machines (UK): Extremely flexible system which can operate at speeds up to 150 per minute on container sizes up to 125mm diameter x 350mm high. System operates with auger fillers, cup fillers, multihead weighing machines.
Model RP1600 RotoPlant:
Options of 9 or 30 filling heads are available to handle containers at speeds up to 500 containers per minute. Maximum size of container is 250mm diameter and 350mm high. Container size changes are quick and easy.
BP400 Bag Feeding and Filling Machines (UK):
System to automatically present, fill and close pre made block bottomed gusseted type bags. Options of bulk fill and top up filling also available.
Linear Weighing Machines (UK):
A full range of linear weighing systems are available to handle granular and piece type products.
Weighmaster Range of Fastener Weigh/Counting Machines (UK):
Weigh/counting machines specialising in packing nuts, bolts, screws, nails etc in various pack weights up to 25 Kg.
Bulk Feed Hoppers (UK):
Vibratory based bulk feed hoppers are available with capacities from 125 Kg up to 2000 Kg.
Overseas Reps

Overseas representation

Altrimex Packing B.V.:
Holland, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland.
B.L. Products:
Reactive Engineering:
New Zealand
Walls Machinery:
South Africa
ITP Group:
Mack Automation:
Webb Automation:
Scan Packaging:
Foil Pack:
Fenix Systems:
CD System:
Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia.
UK Reps

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Trade names

Trade names

  • DigiFill
  • EasiFill
  • MiniFill
  • MultiWeigh
  • RotoFlex
  • RotoPlant
  • ServoFill
  • WeighMaster

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