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Corringham Road Industrial Estate
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Gainsborough Engineering Company have been trading and manufacturing for over 50 years in the UK Packaging Industry, with over 2,400 machines sold worldwide.

We are a British based Company which manufactures a diverse range of Vertical Form Fill & Seal Machines. These machines pack a wide range of products ranging from salads/fresh vegetables, hot & cold sauces/soups/marinades, confectionery, snack foods. A wide range of powders and granules including instant & ground coffees, dairy products, vending machine products: soup/milk/coffee/tea. Agro-chemical products: fertilizer/seeds etc.

Counted products such as nuts, bolts, screws, coins, plumbing fittings, electrical components, medical equipment and pharmaceuticals.

The GP 250 Horizontal Stand-Up Pouch Machine can be used for packing a variety of products which include: confectionery, powders/granules, hot & cold fill liquids/gels, snack products and many more.

The In-House Design Team can undertake bespoke modifications and turnkey operations to help Customers achieve their own specific objectives. A large range of equipment can be synchronised to the both the Vertical Form Fill Seal Machines and the Horizontal Stand-Up Pouch Machine these include: multi-head weighers, augers, counters, liquid fillers, volumetric filling, bucket elevators, label applicators and robotics.

Management Personnel

  • Managing Director: John Rockall
  • Technical Director: Paul Rockall
  • Sales & Marketing Director: Adrian Shenton
  • Service Manager: Andy Keeley
  • Accounts Office Alison Derbyshire

Products Supplied

Vertical Form Fill Seal Machines:
Intermittent packing machines:
GV2K1 max size 20 cm wide x 23 cm long
GV2K2 max size 20 cm wide x 35 cm long
GV2K3 max size 32 cm wide x 35 cm long
GV2K4 max size 32 cm wide x 50 cm long
GV4 max size 40 cm wide x 60cm long
Corner seal can be fitted to the above machines
GV5 max size 60cm wide x 80 cm long
Continuous Motion Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine:
GV2K6 max size 32cm wide x 50cm long
Continuous Motion Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine:
GV2K6 max size 32cm wide x 50cm long
Continuous Motion Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine
GV2K6 max size 32cm wide x 50cm long
Horizontal Stand Up Pouch Machine:
GHP 250 = Min/Max Pack Height 200mm / 420mm, inc top seal
Min/MaxPack Width 100mm / 250mm, inc side seals
Overseas Reps

Overseas representation

Altrimex Packing Equipment BV
Netherlands & Belgium - Tel: 00 31 4925 27475
Qualitechs (Pty) Ltd
Johannesburg, South Africa - Tel: 00 2 7116 13 7771
BB Verpackungsmaschinen
Germany & Russia - Tel: 00 49 7127 57997
F.F. Engineering:
Birkerod, Denmark - Tel: 00 4545 940270
Norbert Packaging Ltd
Quebec, Canada - Tel: 00 151 8514 6952694
UK Reps

There are no UK Rep descriptions registered for this organisation

Trade names

Trade names

  • Gainsborough Engineering Vertical Bagging Machines
  • Gainsborough Engineering Vertical Form Fill Seal Machines
  • Gainsborough Engineering GP Pouch Machine
  • Gainsborough Engineering Stand Up Pouch Machine
  • Gainsborough Engineering Four Corner Pack Machine
  • Gainsborough Engineering GV Form Fill Seal Machines

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