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GeT Cameras sells industrial cameras (USB2, USB3, GigE), lenses and machine vision lighting. We provide great support, 3-year camera warranty, have large local stock and the cameras are certified by TüV Rheinland. Our cameras are 30-50% cheaper compared to competitors. You can find all our pricing online at

Our vision is that you deserve fair priced camera technology , with excellent support, service and quality. As an eager, ambitious and innovative company we have defined an innovative business model based on low margins per product, even for single pieces. We believe that every project starts with the order of a single camera.

We sell industry proven camera technology of Daheng Imaging, Certified by TÜV Rheinland. Daheng Imaging produces more than 200.000 industrial cameras per Year and has more than 30 years’ experience in the field of machine vision and medical imaging, resulting in a solid base to work on.

You receive excellent support from us, due to our internal vision specialist and our strong partnership with Daheng Imaging. Both GeT Cameras, as Daheng Imaging have many years of machine vision knowledge and share this to you on our knowledge center, during meetings, phone-calls, e-mails and remote sessions.

We understand that every product and project has specific camera requirements. We have a large and strong camera portfolio, making sure we have the right camera for your application. Our industrial camera portfolio includes USB2, USB3, GigE, 5GigE and 10GigE camera technology with highspeed image-sensor up to 860fps and high-resolution global-shutter sensors up to 31MP.

Generating great customer experiences is in our DNA. On our intuitive website, you can easily discover our products, instantly see all prices, you can generate quotations, place orders and get support. Call us, if you need personal support to select the best camera technology for your application.

GeT Cameras Head office and distribution center is located in the middle of Brainport Eindhoven, the Netherlands. We are the exclusive distributor of Daheng Imaging for the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, USA and with sales offices in London, Philadelphia and Aachen. We also deliver our products to many other EU and non-EU countries.

We sell products that we truly believe in and that exceeds the European standards. We visit the Daheng Imaging R&D and production department regularly to make sure it complies to our standards and your expectations.


Products Supplied

USB3 Camera (USB3 Vision / machine vision):
GeT Cameras offers industrial USB3 cameras up to 26MP and 860fps. These are used in industrial, pharmaceutical and machine vision applications. Our cameras comply with the industrial “USB3 Vision” standard. The industrial USB camera is equipped with a CMOS or CCD image sensor. There are cameras with and without housing (USB3 board-level camera). The USB3 board-level camera series is suitable for high volume OEM projects.
GigE Camera (GigE Vision / Machine Vision):
GeT Cameras sells GigE cameras up to 31MP for industrial, OEM and machine vision applications. Our low prices are visible for each GigE camera and you can buy them directly online. The industrial GigE cameras are available with various CCD and CMOS sensors of well-known brands such as Sony, Sharp, Aptina and OnSemi. The sensor is integrated in a compact aluminium GigE camera housing.
USB3 Boardlevel camera:
Our industrial USB3 single board cameras for embedded vision are available online. Boardlevel / PCB cameras are suitable for product developments that require a single board camera module with small formfactor and low price. These board level cameras have a USB3 interface for power, communication and image transfer. A separate connector provides an input and output to sync multiple boardlevel cameras, hardware trigger the cameras or control external lighting. Board level cameras are often integrated into our customers product, like Ophthalmology devices, ANPR cameras, handheld devices, metrology devices and digital microscopes. Please contact us to discuss your project that requires an industrial USB3 single board PCB camera.
C-mount, M12 and Telcentric lenses:
We offer C-mount, M12 and Telecentric lenses, to have the right lens for every application. Using our online lenscalculator we can calculate the right lens for you.
Machine Vision Light (Dome, barlight, coaxial, etc.):
Machine vision lights are industrial LED lights which illuminates products, materials, (organic) substances or living objects in machine vision applications. Every machine vision application requires specific LED lights. We provide commonly used lights in our webstore, with quick delivery times. We have a Machine Vision Lighting’s catalogue / pricelist that contains an overview of all the machine vision lights we can offer. If the catalogue does not list your specific lights, we offer the opportunity to customize the lighting for you. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need help to select a suitable machine vision lighting.
Adaptive Vision Software:
Adaptive Vision Studio software is the most powerful graphical environment for machine vision engineers to write their own Machine Vision Software program for quality inspection of products and automation of industrial machines. It is based on dataflow and comes with a comprehensive set of powerful, ready for use image analysis filters. Its unique strength lies in its focus on professional users. It allows you to create typical applications easily, but at the same time makes it possible to efficiently develop highly customized and large-scale projects.
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