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Gordian Strapping is a leading supplier of stand-alone and integrated end-of-line packaging solutions. We supply a comprehensive range of semi and fully automatic strapping machines for all industry sectors including strapping, stretch wrapping, shrink & stretch hooding equipment.

Our experienced team offers full, turnkey lines to meet your packaging requirements. Fully compatible with your existing lines, our solutions will optimise your efficiency and output. All our equipment is installed and maintained by our team of experienced service engineers across the UK and Ireland providing local after sales service and support.

Working with specialist packaging line system integrators, OEMs or our customers' project engineers, we have built a reputation over the last 80 years for delivering complex systems on time across a wide range of industries and market sectors.

We also supply an extensive range of PP and PET strapping materials, stretch wrap and paper and film banding to operate in conjunction with our range of machines and provide our customers with high quality end of line product and pallet securement.

As a market leader, installing hundreds of machines across the UK and Ireland every year, the Gordian Brand is synonymous with quality, reliability and exceptional service.

Management Personnel

  • Financial Director/Company Secretary: Emma Webber
  • Managing Director: Andrew Lea
  • Technical Manager: Gary Sanderson
  • Systems & OEM Development Manager: Gary Cowley
  • National Sales Manager - StraPack Machines: Paul Jackson

Products Supplied

Strapping Machines:
Semi and fully-automatic stand-alone strapping machines, as well as fully integrated pallet strappers.
Stretch and Shrink Hooders:
Pallet Shrink and Stretch Hooders for fully automated end of line integration.
Stretch Wrappers:
Semi and fully-automatic stretch wrappers including turntable, robot, rotary arm, ring wrappers and horizontal wrappers (also called orbital or spiral wrappers).
Strapping & Stretch Wrap:
Full range of strapping materials including PP and PET strap as well as stretch wrap and paper and film for banding machines.
Banding Machines:
Automatic Banding Machines for use with both film and paper.
Overseas Reps

There are no overseas Rep descriptions registered for this organisation

UK Reps

Companies represented in the UK

Strapack Corp, Japan:
Strapping machinery.
OMS, Italy:
Strapping, stretch wrapping, stretch and shrink hooding systems.
Area Packaging, Italy:
Semi and fully-automatic horizontal stretch wrappers.
Akebono, Japan:
Banding Machinery.
PKG, Italy:
Semi and fully-automatic stretch wrapping systems.
Trade names

Trade names

  • Akebono
  • FEV
  • Hyperwrap
  • Hyplex
  • OMS
  • PKG
  • Strapack

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