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Güdel UK Ltd is the United Kingdom subsidiary of Güdel Group, a global manufacturer of robotic automation products, systems and services. Güdel supplies linear motion modules, robot track motion units, gantry robots and components to OEM's system integrators and machine builders serving the automotive, aerospace, logistics heavy industrial and power generation industries. Güdel Lineaertec UK Ltd is based in Coventry, at the heart of the UK's manufacturing base, and provides a comprehensive range of services including: design, engineering, system build, customer support and service.


Products Supplied

Robot linear axis - Floor Mounted:
Our Track Motion Floor (TMF) units are available in 6 sizes and are designed to move from the smallest to the largest robots. The TMF's boast excellent stability and dirt resistance. It easily absorbs the dynamic fundamental loads of articulated robots in every direction. Thanks to its high degree of rigidity, the TMF runs quietly and spreads loads well, even in emergency stop situations. To achieve this, the guides have been precisely fitted into the closed, welded beam system. Another advantage is that the rollers can easily be adjusted from the outside. The TMF will bring precision and efficiency to your production processes.
Robot linear axis - Overhead:
The Güdel TrackMotion Overhead TMO Linear tracks are designed for overhead installation of robots. The TMO units are available in 4 sizes and provide efficient, inexpensive production requires short process cycles, optimum traverse paths, and high precision and quality. The TMO enables the ideal configuration to be achieved for any production process. The TMO is characterized by its high rigidity and quiet operation and offers optimum load distribution. The articulated robot can be installed in various installation positions. No other linear axis provides a comparable range of possible solutions.

TMO-E – mounted in elevated position
TMO-W – wall-mounted robot
TMO-C – ceiling-mounted robot
Robot linear axis - Vertical:
The Güdel TrackMotion Vertical (TMV) Linear tracks are designed for vertical installation of robots to enable a more efficient usage of the robot's working envelope. The TMV units are available in 4 sizes and provide efficient, inexpensive production requires short process cycles, optimum traverse paths, and high precision and quality. The TMV is often used in conjunction with our Track Motion Floor (TMF) units to give a much larger work envelope potential to any standard Industrial Robot.

Industrial Robots & Gantry Robots:
Güdel's linear motion components can be configured as single or multi-axis modules. When mounted in an elevated position, these multi-axis unts are referred to as Gantries. When a control system is integrated, these modules become a powerful and highly flexible Ganrty Robot. With options ranging from a single axis up to 6 axes, and the potential to have more than one multi axis module mounted to a single Gantry, Güdel can find solutions to even the most challenging applications and payloads from a few kilograms up to 3 tons.

1-Axis-Module (EP)
2-Axis-Module (ZP)
3-Axis-Module (FP)
Güdel can provide a range of solutions to meet your production requirements ranging from:

* Automated crate Picking
* Automated crate logistics solutions
* Automated logistics solutions
* Composite manufacturing solutions
* End-of-Line palletizing solutions
* Powertrain automation
* Press line automation
* Battery pack manufacturing
* Tyre manufacturing and logistics solutions
* Nuclear applications
Prime Care:

We provide you with full advisory services and discuss the matter with you thoroughly in order to find the best solution. To this end, you select the appropriate Prime Care modules from our well-conceived range in order to tailor the service features exactly to your particular requirements.

Güdel develops, manufactures and assembles worldwide in its own factories and has its own local Prime Care teams, which enables us to provide rapid response times in order to maintain the maximum operational availability of your installation.
Gearboxes– angular gear, planetary gearboxes and rotary drives:
Precise ratios for more flow and power

Whether it is angular drives or large torques: with our wide range of solutions for angle gearboxes, planetary gearboxes and drive units, we offer you maximum flexibility in your choice of power transmission. They are available in various sizes and can be combined in many different ways.

All Güdel units are also very suitable for use with other components to create dynamic power chains. We recommend our perfectly matched function packages for this – consisting of gears, racks and pinions.
Linear guideways:
We design linear systems for medium and heavy payloads

Our linear systems, with their longitudinal precision guides and drivetrain components, provide high speed and acceleration and enable a moving mass weighing anywhere between ten kilos and several tons to be positioned with the utmost accuracy.

The modular system comprises the following basic elements: guide rollers, tracks (with or without in-built racks), pinions and beams. The assembly can be employed anywhere and has several advantages over traditional recirculating ball systems. Because of its compactness and the integrated racks for the drive, it is an excellent solution in premises where space is at a premium.
Rack & Pinion:
Precision in every shape and size

Do you need tailor-made pinions and racks for a special application in your industry? We would be happy to hear from you! Besides the wide selection of designs and qualities in our portfolio, we can also produce solutions to our customers' specifications at any time upon request.
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