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Harford Control supply and support both their turnkey and bespoke factory floor management information systems to include automated coding & labelling compliance to satisfy retailers' codes of practice, paperless quality assurance/control, line efficiency & OEE, average quantity control, legal metrology, materials & labour utilisation, paperless quality, machine vision (100% inspection), wastage control, engineer attendance & job analysis, Health & Safety audits, automated Short Interval Control. All options can be modular or fully integrated.

All collected information is analysed, prioritised & distributed to networked PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones, in real time, allowing the user to drive and sustain performance improvement and to eliminate production risk.

Harford's paperless factory can be implemented using no new money, financed solely through improved efficiency & reduced wastage, ensuring the most rapid payback.


Products Supplied

Harford Factory Floor Management Information/Execution System (MIS/MES):
Turnkey solutions for automated Coding & Labelling, OEE, Line Efficiency, Quantity & Paperless Quality Control, Vision, reduction in Wastage, for cost effective performance optimisation.
Automated Coding & Labelling Compliance:
To meet retailers' codes of practice.
Average Quantity Control/Assurance:
Control to current weight/volume regulation in line with the Packaged Goods Directive 2006 (Average Quantity Law).
Production Line Efficiency/OEE Analysis:
With Root Cause & Fishbone diagrams,
real time evaluation of production line performance with Top Losses highlighted to drive actions.
Automated Short Interval Control:
To maintain awareness of current performance across all lines. Eliminates the need for white boards and manual recording of hourly performance.
Component Matching through on-line Machine Vision:
Including OCR & OCV to effectively eliminate non-compliance (100% product check).
Overseas Reps

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UK Reps

Companies represented in the UK

Sartorius - Germany:
Electronic scales & balances.
Mettler Toledo - Switzerland:
Electronic scales & balances.
AnD - Japan:
Electronic scales & balances.
Samsung - South Korea:
Android tablets.
Omron - Japan:
Datasensor - Italy:
On-line & hand held barcode scanners.
Cognex - USA:
Vision cameras for on-line component matching and 100% inspection.
Mitutoyo UK:
Measurement Gauges.
Wenglor - Germany:
Mecmesin - UK:
Torque meters.
Trade names

Trade names

  • Harford

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