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At Hazel 4D, we provide innovative packaging products and solutions, from state-of-the-art pallet wrapping machines that improve pallet stability, to eco friendly void fill solutions, to rolls of tapes and recently even PPE. We aim to help you save time, money and the planet, but we also understand that the packaging process isn’t simply about the supply of materials. It also relies on the correct equipment and training to ensure the packaging is applied in the most efficient manner.

That’s why we offer a completely unique service where we partner with you to improve your business performance and profitability, even if it means you spend significantly less on packaging!

When you’re a Hazel 4D client, our technical experts and portfolio managers visit your sites regularly to gain a true understanding of your company’s needs and help you assess and refine your packaging processes. We make recommendations on how to improve your processes, and the consumables used, to bring you genuine long-term solutions for your business.

We call our extra level of service and understanding:

Delivering the 4th dimension


Products Supplied

Atlanta Pallet Wrapping Machines
Built to optimise materials performance, minimise waste and streamline your pallet-wrapping efficiency, a range of Atlanta machine models and ways to buy or lease mean there’s something for all wrapping needs.
Extremus Stretch Film
Our Extremus range of film uses nano-technology to make smart use of stretch, minimising material use and maximising pallet load stability like nothing else.
Load Stability Consultations
Our Intelligent Load Stability system really performs because it’s tailored to meet the needs of every customer and their operations perfectly. That’s why working in partnership is so vital to our success and the difference we make to our customers. It all begins with a consultation.
We’ll partner with you to understand the real load stability and packaging challenges, and will tailor a solution to fit perfectly.
Comarme Carton Sealers & Case Erectors
Perfect for busy production lines, these carton sealers and case erectors quickly form cartons and seal them with tape.
Semi-automatic and automatic machines available.
Locked Air - Bubble Void Fill
Protect fragile items in transit with these lightweight air pillows and cushions.
Choose a degradable pillow film or an ultra-thin film made of 35% less plastic than standard air pillows.
Nuevopak - Paper Void Fill
Nuevopak™ is a highly efficient recycled paper void fill system.
Quickly produce eco-friendly paper padding or box fill to protect your products from damage in transit.
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