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Management Personnel

  • Divisional Director: Robert Jenkinson
  • Export Sales Engineer Rintu Sojan
  • Production Manager Simon Pagram
  • Export Sales Engineer Ujjwal Vinod
  • Production Manager Simon Pagram
  • Service & Logistics Manager: Kay Jagels
  • Sales Manager Chris Brock
  • Design Manager: Gary Hopkins
  • Customer Service Manager: Linda Heather
  • Area Sales Manager (NE): Rob Taylor
  • Area Sales Manager (SW): James Hayward
  • Marketing Coordinator Trudy Jenkinson

HERMA Labelling Systems division, based in Suffolk in the UK are recognised as one of the leading manufacturing specialists in labelling technology. Part of the HERMA group of companies with over 1,090 employees internationally based across three business divisions, Adhesive Materials, Labels and Labelling Machines supplied to a wide scope of industry sectors.

We look forward to working with you in the future.


Products Supplied

HERMA 500:
New: HERMA are proud to introduce the new HERMA 500 label applicator.

The HERMA 500 offers 25% faster labelling speeds thanks to newly developed components. Featuring a new touchscreen with easy to use menu guidance, the HERMA 500 allows for safe operation whilst utilising ground breaking technologies.
HERMA 552:
Fully automatic base labelling system.

Our competitively priced base labelling system. The proven solution for the base labelling of a wide range of products. The machine is equipped with a fixed dispensing beak and a label recognition unit. For ease of changeover, the labeller can be withdrawn from under the conveyor belt.
HERMA 652:
Fully automatic, compact, top & base labelling system.

If both top and base labelling are required, the two steps can be completed in a single pass. The HERMA 652C can also be used for top or base labelling only.

This highly efficient labeller guarantees optimum productivity and flexibility with the option of a stainless steel construction and availability at very short notice.
HERMA 752:
V-Seal / C - Wrap three panel labelling system.

The HERMA 752C applies a three-panel label to the top, front (leading face) and base of a wide range of trays, in one pass. Ideal for products used in the fresh meat, produce and ready meal industries.

Featuring a wide range of ancillary add on options, including an efficient pack turning unit, the HERMA 752C is the most flexible and cost efficient three panel labelling system available.
Vertical Form, Fill and Seal - VFFS:
Self-adhesive label applicators for installing on a wide range of vertical form fill and seal machines.
Horizontal Form, Fill & Seal - HFFS:
Self-adhesive label applicators - integrated with a horizontal form, filling and sealing machine for applying self-adhesive labels to the moving film.
Fully automatic, economical, wrap-around labelling system.

The 152C standard and 152C Prisma are included in the 152 machine range that can master every challenge of wrap-around labelling. Guaranteeing precise labelling even if the product has minor geometric variations, as well as motorised unwinders and rewinders for a higher output capacity.
Semi automatic wraparound labelling system.

The semi automatic labelling of cylindrical products, such as tubes, glass bottles, vials, or ampoules, the speciality of the HERMA 211.

The HERMA 211 can also be easily adapted to suit specific requirements, with very minimum effort, the machine can be adjusted to label another product.
Fully automatic tamper-evident labelling system.

When integrated for serialisation the labeller prints a unique 2D code and serial number to each carton. A vision system verifies and stores the codes.

A tamper evident label is applied to each side of a pack, with the secure packs exiting the machine sealed with a unique identity. This means they can then be traced at any point during the increasingly complex worldwide supply chain for pharmaceutical products.
HERMA 452:
Fully automatic, compact, top labelling system.

A reliable, efficient system for the top labelling of a wide range of products, from food to motor parts. Available at very short notice, the machine can be supplied with either a fixed dispensing beak and a sprung-loaded application roller or with a pivot beak.
Overseas Reps

Overseas representation

HERMA Germany:
Germany +49 (0) 711 / 7702 776
United States +1 (973) 521 7254
HERMA France:
France +33 (0) 3 88 05 05 80
HERMA Austria:
Austria +43 (0) 2782 20130 30
Barcom Labelling AS:
Norway +47 40 40 89 35
Result Packaging Pty:
Australia +61 (0) 39 706 4474
UK Reps

Companies represented in the UK

Ireland +353 1626 7501
Murray Packaging:
Scotland +44 (0) 141 956 2229
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