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Management Personnel

  • Sales and Service: Simon Havord
  • Sales and Service: James Havord
  • Accounts & Spare Parts: Debbie Lloyd
  • Company Secretary: Carol Havord
  • Managing Director: Malcolm Havord

Precision filling/dispensing equipment for pharmaceutical, food, chemical, cosmetic, toiletry, dairy, household, automotive and technical products in liquid, cream or gel format. Dispensing equipment for all types of hot wax products, temperatures up to 125 degrees centigrade. Filling modules for use with thermoform machines, horizontal and vertical sachet, bag and stick forming machines. The range of filling equipment available includes CIP/SIP and seal-free, Ceramic ServoDrive pumps.


Products Supplied

HIBAR - 1B/2B, 2BCFC and H Series Pumps and FT1 Nozzles:
Due to incredible dispensing accuracy, particularly with electrolytes, the 1B/2B Series pumps are considered the battery industry standard. A specialist pump that has found a wide range of opportunities in all other industries where liquid, cream and gel products are found. In either check valve or rotary valve format, pumps are available in a wide range of sizes for optimum dispensing performance.
NEW Hibar 2BFC Series:
The 2BCFC Series combines the small footprint of
B Series pumps with minimal internal parts of the larger H Series. Three sizes for max. 20ml, 30ml & 40ml volumes make the 2BCFC ideal in Food, Healthcare and Cosmetic applications where quick strip down and cleaning is required and with either Check valves or Rotary valves and Pneumatic or Servo operated Drive units.
HIBAR 'S Series' Servo Drive Pump:
The 'S Series' combines Hibar dispensing technology with state-of-the-art Servomotor Drives providing precise programmable control of dispense volume and plunger velocity profile. Modular design and electronic control simplifies interfacing to existing third party filling systems. All volumes from zero up to 2 litres.
HIBAR 'P Series' Seal-less Ceramic Pump:
Designed with close fitting, seal free ceramic pistons and cylinders and engineered for high precision pharmaceutical liquid dispensing applications. The 'P Series' returns spectacular accuracy and cost savings with solutions and suspensions, from 0.00 to 20.00 ml.
Hi-Tech Filling Module (UK):
All Hibar Metering Pumps are available in multiple format for Thermoformed packs (both on-line and pre-formed), tube fillers, vertical and horizontal sachet and bag and pouch filling equipment. For machine suppliers as Original Equipment or end users as replacements for tired and inaccurate systems on otherwise operational machinery.
Hi-Tech Bench Top Filler (UK):
Available as single or multi pump systems, the Bench Top Filler is perfect for lab use or low scale batch production. Filling diverse products, eg E-Liquids, tooth whitener into syringes, silicone oil into applicators for Reverse Osmosis treatments, reagents into vials, electrolyte into batteries or speciality waxes at temperatures in excess of 120°C.
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