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Hangzhou Hikrobot Technology Co., Ltd. (Hikrobot) originated from the Machine Vision business unit of Hikvision, Hikrobot has become a global developer and supplier of mobile robot, machine vision products and algorithm platforms. It is committed to continuous intelligence of robots and leadership in smart manufacturing.

Hikrobot has nearly 1,000 employees across the world (by May 2018), of which about 800 are research staff. Meanwhile, it also shares technology with more than 10 thousand research fellows of Hikvision and Hikvision Research Institute. Supported by Hikvision's accumulated technology in image sensing, AI, and big data analysis, Hikrobot develops business areas including Mobile Robot, Machine Vision, and Industrial Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV).

With focus on core robotics technology for warehousing, carrying, and sorting, Hikrobot serves customers with leading intelligent mobile robot and system with intelligent in-plant logistics solutions. These products are widely applied in manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, e-commerce logistics, third-party logistics, retail, food & beverages, photovoltaic industry, medical care, tobacco, and clothing. Hikrobot also focuses on industrial vision sensing application and underlying algorithm software and hardware technology to provide customers with leading machine vision products and algorithm platforms. With wide application in manufacturing, electronic semiconductors, logistics, and other industrial automation sectors, its products can realize positioning guidance, measurement, defect detection, code reading, and OCR. Based on rich experience of video technology, Hikrobot has independently developed Industrial UAVs and UAV jammers for low-attitude airspace security, and launched an extensive range of products featuring security-based solutions specifically for the industry. These products are widely used in fire prevention, emergency commanding, anti-terrorist operation, traffic management, facility inspection, and activity security.

Hikrobot has established one of the most extensive marketing networks in the industry, comprising 11 offices in mainland China and a number of subsidiaries in North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan.

Hikrobot attends to customer requirements without delay by providing localized technical support and product services from Hikvision's subsidiaries and after-sale service centers in 35 cities across mainland China and 37 overseas branches (by December 30, 2017).

Under its business philosophy of "Professionalism, Trustworthiness, Integrity", Hikrobot is committed to constantly developing video technology to serve the society as per its core values of "creating the maximum value for customers in an honest and excellent way".

Management Personnel

  • Managing Director - UK: Jason Yang

Products Supplied

Area Scan Cameras:
include GigE and USB3.0 interface, used for positioning, inspection, detection applications and so on.
Line Scan Cameras:
Suitable for curved surface detection, rail transit, container detection, printing applications and so on.
Smart Cameras:
1.Based on X86, code reader smart camera and open platform smart camera.
2.Based on Movidius VPU plarform, code reader smart camera, compact size, low power consumption, fast code reading.
Large Area Scan Cameras:
Excellent imaging sensor with 8 - 29 MP resolutions, suitable for optical metrology, and inspection for large screen such as LED monitor.
Block camera:
Auto zoom, resolution from 1080P to 4K, Max zoom 37x, various interface: IP, HDMI, SDI.
Machine vision Lenses:
competitive price without compromising on performence: 1/1.8", 2/3",1.1", 4/3"
Overseas Reps

Overseas representation

We have Representatives globally:
Please leave a message on our website if interested. http://en.hikrobotics.com/
UK Reps

Companies represented in the UK

Design and manufacturing Machine vision components, AGV and UAV.
Trade names

Trade names


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