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HIWIN Technologies Corp. is the 2nd largest motion control and system technology manufacturer in the world. With products ranging from ball screws, linear guideways and special bearings to industrial robots and medical robots, and characteristics of high speed, high precision, multi-function and eco-friendly, HIWIN products are well established in the biochemistry & medical, semi-conductor, opto-electronics, intelligent automation, precision machining, transportation and energy industries.

HIWIN commits to intelligent automation, through electro-mechanical integration. HIWIN has developed the most complete range of industrial robots in the world. As of 2014, HIWIN weighs TOP 10 of the ROBO-STOX Global Robotics & Automation ETF at NASDAQ, HIWIN is also ranked No. 37 of World's “Most Innovative Growth Companies 2015” by Forbes, making HIWIN one of the leading companies and your best partner in the era of Industry 4.0.

Management Personnel

  • Sales Manager: Maurice Chang

Products Supplied

HIWIN provides a full range specification of ballscrew with a high precission, high quality and short lead time characteristics.
Linear guideway:
HIWIN provides a full range specification of linear guideway with a high precision, high quality and short lead time characteristics.
Industrial robot-single axis robot:
HIWIN industrial robot module utilizes professional standard manufacturing technology over the years, with the ball screw and magnetic slide design module developed and produced by ourselves, it is applicable to all types of automation equipment due to its features of easy installation, small size, high precision and various specifications.
Industrial robot-milti axis robot:
With all the self-manufactured key components, HIWIN provide a full range robots including Articulated Robots, Scara, Delta and Wafer robot and medical robots.
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For the global service, please send your mail to business@hiwin.tw
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