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Holmach Ltd are recognised leaders in the field of thermal and non-thermal processing technologies.

Dealing with challenges from food to pharmaceuticals, we have provided comprehensive technical solutions for industry for over 45 years.

We offer specialist advice on how to make all types of product safe and revolutionise production technology to make products that are visually more appealing, taste better and are safer for the consumer, in the most efficient way.

Management Personnel

  • Commercial Director: Niki Holland
  • Director of Sales: Lewis Peasgood
  • Engineering Manager: Paul Jordan
  • Managing Director: Chris Holland

Products Supplied

Process Vessels for Cooking and Cooling:
Atmospheric, pressure and vacuum vessels with or without high shear mixing, agitation, direct steam injection. Fast heating and cooling. Homogenisation and emulsification. Suitable for all types of food, small batch cooking, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, confectionery, dairy and bakery products. Aseptic processing. Cut/cook/cool NPD vessels.
Autoclaves and Retorts:
Pasteurising and sterilising of pouches, cans, glass, plastic trays and cartons. Patented process for compostable board ready-meal trays. Cooking of components such as rice, meat, vegetables, marinades and dressings, sauces and pet foods, Heating media includes: steam/air/water with static, rotary and agitating action. Pilot scale retorts for NPD. Autoclaves for timber, carbon fibre, rubber and glass treatment.
Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers:
Perfitherm SSHE for delicate processing especially of fruit, sauces, soups, dairy and bakery ingredients. Aseptic fruit and dairy processing. Heating, cooling and temperature boosting.
Tunnel pasteurisers and coolers:
Continuous in-container pasteurising and cooling of products such as sauces, pickles, preserves, fruit ingredients, ready meals and vegetables. Double deck and pilot pasteurisers. Steam, raining water and water bath versions.
High pressure pasteurisers:
UHDE as part of Thyssenkrupp has pioneered advances in high pressure processing technology, which eliminates micro-organisms without the need to heat the product. This has the benefit of ensuring food safety, whilst maintaining all organoleptic properties.
Dry Sterilisation Pasteurisation and roasting/toasting technology:
Revtech's patented system has received approval for a validated 7 log reduction in microbial bodies and is capable of highly consistent decontamination of dry ingredients. Particularly suitable for flours, grains, malt, nuts, seeds and spices. Technology for malting seeds and grain and to toast and roast for flavour enhancement.
Jar, bottle and can rinsers, using water, air, steam or product. Optional gas flushing.
Fillers and closers:
For food and non-food applications.

Piston, vacuum, aseptic, pickle and volumetric fillers. Jar and bottle capping. Single head, rotary and vacuum can seaming.

Cappers, including trigger and pump. In-line, rotary weigh, volumetric and flow-meter fillers. Puck/depuck lines.
Overseas Reps

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UK Reps

Companies represented in the UK

Lagarde Autoclaves:
Static, rotary and rocking process batch retorts for sterilisation of food, beverage, industrial and pharmaceutical products. Retort automation systems and software. Medical waste sterilisation.
Processing vessels for food, dairy, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Vacuum cook/cool combination units, Perfitherm scraped-surface heat exchangers.
Powder and granular product decontamination and sterilisation. Ideally suited to herbs and spices, extraction of flavours and volatiles. Ceramic catalyst activation equipment. Roasting, drying and cooling of grains, malt, seeds, nuts and spices.
Lyco Manufacturing:
Continuous cookers, coolers and blanchers for rice, noodles, pasta, vegetables, beans, plant proteins. Pouch coolers.
Tunnel pasteurisers and coolers. Filling machines for pickles, gherkins, onions, chillies, lemons, etc. Stainless steel depalletisers, rinsers and single liners. Cabbage coring and slicing equipment.
Cut-cook-cool process vessels with vacuum and pressure capability. From 15-550 litre capacity. Retains colour, texture and nutrients. Suitable for both food and cosmetic applications.
UHDE - Thyssenkrupp:
UHDE, from Thyssenkrupp. High Pressure Processing (HPP)technology. Suitable for delicate pasteurisation of juices, green leaves and shellfish. Holmach is its first agent worldwide. Machines are available from 50l pilot models to 350l.
Jorgensen Engineering:
Autoclave loading and unloading systems, robotic systems for pouch, pot and trays. Spoon feeding systems. Container depalletisers.
CFT Group:
Filling and end-of-line solutions. Food and lube oil filling lines. Rotary piston, gravity and vacuum fillers. Can seamers from 10 to 1200 cans per minute. Bulk net weigh fillers.
Atlantic Engineering:
Filling and depositing technologies for all container types and pump-able products including innovative bag filling and sealing technology.
In-line and rotary fillers and cappers for personal and household care. Trigger pump feeders and cappers. Rotary and indexing monoblocks. Fitment and spout applicators. Cap tighteners. Swirl Filling.
Trade names

Trade names

  • CFT
  • Jorgensen
  • Lagarde
  • Mengibar
  • Niko
  • Revtech
  • Roboqbo
  • Rossi Catelli
  • Sima
  • ThyssenKrupp
  • UHDE
  • Atlantic Engineering
  • Perfinox
  • Lyco Manufacturing

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