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IBIS Packaging Solutions offer a full range of End of Line packaging machines including Stretch, Tape and Strapping machines. With our UK Engineering support offering Installation, Training and Servicing we project manage and support our customers with over 20 years of experience.

We also offer a complete range of stretch wrapping, shrink, strapping and tape consumables with unique products such as the 33 layer Nano Film that can reduce cost by up to 30%.

IBIS Packaging Solutions for all your end of line packaging requirements from simple hand applications to fully automatic lines; IBIS has the solution.

Management Personnel

  • Managing Director: Paul Atkins
  • Business Development Manager: Paul Evans

Products Supplied

Robotize Go Pal AMR:
Automize your pallet solutions with the Robotize Go Pal, the Robotize will safely pick up your pallets and autonomously transport them to a conveyor or packaging area. Fully autonomous and helps your workers get on with more important tasks, promising a good ROI.
Pallet Wrappers:
We provide a wide range of pallet wrapper solutions, including, automatic pallet wrappers, Semi-automatic pallet wrappers, Manual pallet wrappers and self-driving pallet wrappers for standard and non-standard pallets.

If you can't find the pallet wrapper that is right for you, please contact us, we can build bespoke pallet wrappers and systems.
C-One No Touch Cycle Start
Reduce risk from Covid-19 with the ‘C-One No Touch Cycle Start’. All the operator has to do is wave their hand in front of the sensor and the pallet wrapper will begin its cycle. This reduces contact on pallet wrapper and reduces risk of cross-contamination.

Both during and after Covid-19, special attention to hygiene must be maintained. A control panel could be touched hundreds of times a day by multiple operators, implementing the No Touch Cycle Start could reduce transmission of virus’ like Covid and gives companies peace of mind.

Contact us now on 01639 890609 for competitive rates.
Strapping Machines and Systems:
A comprehensive range of quality strapping tools, machines and systems are available from IBIS Packaging, as well as a wide range of quality polypropylene and PET strapping for trouble-free operation. All our tools, machines and systems are supported fully by our UK network of IBIS employed engineers.
Stretch Film:
IBIS Packaging Solutions has been at the forefront of the UK pallet wrapping industry for over 25 years. The first to offer stretch film with lightweight card cores, the first to offer nano stretch film in the UK and the first to have expert knowledge on both stretch film and pallet wrapping machines both semi-automatic and automatic. We distribute and stock the latest worldwide film technology.
Packaging Machines and Systems:
We supply and maintain a large range of automatic, semi-automatic and manual end of line packaging machines offering all-encompassing maintenance contracts.
Strapping, Labels, Packaging and Packaging Tape:
IBIS Packaging specialised in stretch film and strapping, but due to customer demand, we now carry over 2,000 different items as well as our main Products. This includes PE bags, edge protectors, pallet covers, film for airbag machines and tapes etc. Please enquire for all your packaging requirements.

We stock PET and PP strapping for fully automatic and manual use. Our strapping is produced in Europe to the highest standard for trouble-free use. Customers that use IBIS Packaging’s strapping machines and strapping can be assured of an efficient service backed up by our fully trained and qualified Engineers. We hold numerous widths and thicknesses of PP and PET strapping ready to be despatched for delivery.

Bespoke strapping qualities can be developed for our customers that have a particular technical issue or requirement. Printed strapping and different coloured strapping is also available from IBIS Packaging.
Overseas Reps

There are no overseas Rep descriptions registered for this organisation

UK Reps

Companies represented in the UK

C-ONE, Italy:
Stretch Wrapping Machines. Range of Turntable and Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapping machines, including the space saving PLANA Stretch machine with a turntable height of only 18mm!
Strapping Tools. Battery operated PP & PET Strapping Tools. A full range stocked including the "one button" automatic tool.
PACBRO, Italy:
Carton Sealing machines from single standalone machine to automatic lines.
ROBOTIZE - Collabortive Pallet Logistics:
GoPal automatic pallet transfer with transfer to / from Stretch wrapping and Strapping machines
Collaborative Pallet Logistics. GoPal automatic pallet transfer with transfer to / from Stretch wrapping and Strapping machines.
LEAD Packaging:
Carton & Case Packers, Tray Formers and Wrapping Machines.
Trade names

Trade names

  • Goldtape
  • ITA24
  • Plana

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