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Management Personnel

  • Technical Manager: Matthew Turner
  • Business Development Manager: Phil Molloy
  • PA & Operations Manager: Diane Hyde
  • Accounts Manager: Louise Cooper
  • Managing Director/ Owner: Denis Brett

Industrial Labelling Systems supplies the most advanced range of Automatic Print and Apply Labellers on the market, Automated Pallet Labelling systems, Outer Case & Tray Labellers, Labels Ink and Ribbon, Large Character Inkjet Marking and Inline Barcode Inspection/Validation Systems.


Products Supplied

D43 Direct Thermal Printer:
As with all Autolabel printers the applicator module is automatically folded away to allow easy access when changing a label roll. The clean and open design of the printer combined with a specially designed air nozzle which eliminates the need for an "assisted blow pipe tube"; makes changes of the label rolls straight forward and simple. The Label sensor is also automatically adjusted each time the print mechanism is opened to give the correct label position every time.
T43 Thermal Transfer Printer:
On the T43 Printer, the thermal Ribbon roll is as easy to replace as the label roll, cleaning the print head is also quick and easy - As with all Autolabel printers the print head opens widely and the applicator is automatically folded away. The print heads as with all Autolabel printers is simple to remove without the use of tools from its magnetic holder and the power is also automatically disconnected so no need to turn of the machine.
T63 Thermal Transfer Printer:
Print width up to 162 mm makes the Autolabel T63 thermal transfer printer suitable for pallet and box labelling, where large labels carrying a lot of data often are used. The rigid mechanical design of the Autolabel printer comes to its full right in the T63 model; the solid aluminium chassis is machined as one piece for perfect alignment of the wide label and transfer rollers, print head etc. This eliminates the need for any mechanical adjustments and secures high quality printing over time.
Primary Product Marking Stations:
Industrial Labelling Systems Ltd & Autolabel also offers a complete range of Label Print & Apply marking stations for Primary products.
The marking stations can handle the product totally regarding speed & product position handling. Comprehensive Integration into weighing systems with complete control scanning and rejection systems.
Pallet Labelling System - Flex-wipe:
The latest design of Pallet labeller is safe, user friendly, extremely compact, fast and future proof for all your pallet labelling needs.
The FlexWipe is future proof due to both the compact nature of the unit and the same applicator can label all three sides. The FlexWipe Pallet Labelling System is built upon two rotating movements. The inner arm can rotate 360º and the labels can leave the printer in two directions. The outer arm can rotate 200º. A camera based scanner is located behind the applicator pad. When a validation check scan is required the arm moves away from the pallet and the outer arm turns 180º to take a picture of the label. The FlexWipe Pallet Labelling System is fully compatible with Evolabel's existing industry standard T63 printer, using the same Evolabel standard applicator interface as with all the other applicators in the range.

Advantages of the Pallet Flex Wipe System: Non dangerous. Operator can't get stuck between applicator arm and pallet. Negates the need for expensive guarding. The paper roll always point towards the operator. Same machine configuration regardless of application (front/side/ back). One stop for two side labelling. Motorized and controlled movements both horizontally and vertically. Lightweight arms make the applicator fast but hazard free. The applicator can label three sides without having the pallet to stop if check scanning is not required. Built in Validation check scanOperational down to -20.
Overseas Reps

Overseas representation

Autolabel / Evolabel:
Automatic Print and Apply Labellers, Automated Pallet Labelling systems, Outer Case & Tray Labellers.
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Evolabel Sweden:
Automatic Print and Apply Labellers, Automated Pallet Labelling systems, Outer Case & Tray Labellers.
Trade names

Trade names

  • ILSystems (ILS)

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