Unit A17, Kenyon Court
Moss Industrial Estate
St Helens Road
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Integrated Control Solutions, team of highly experienced engineers are fully competent in all aspects of today's bottling and packaging machinery. Our team of experts are available to you on a call-out basis should you need them.

Whether your machine is the latest 'Rolls Royce' in its field or is equipment which needs re-designing and improvements, we fully evaluate each machine on an individual basis and develop the necessary requirements. The benefits quickly become clear as we help to make your line more productive, efficient and cost effective.

With more than 60 years' combined experience within the packaging industry, our engineers provide a wide range of systems for supervision, control and quality assurance.

In today's demanding markets for more cost effective production solutions, glass is getting even more lightweight and as a result the pressure and collision speeds imposed on the product during the production process is becoming more and more critical.

To complement the line designs and control philosophies our control panels are designed and built with ease of maintenance and follow a modular build concept.

Often with the advancement in control equipment, upgrades to existing systems prove a more economical solution to installing a new system. Upgrading of a system to include inverter controlled drives and touch-screens coupled with a new PLC rack without the expense and inconvenience of installing a new control panel and new cabling to your existing line often proves a viable and cost effective solution.

Management Personnel

  • Director: David Isaac

Products Supplied

Bulk Glass, Can Depalletisers Pallet Delivery systems
High Speed Palletisers; bottle, can, packs, crates Pallet handling systems Pack Conveyor systems Spiral Elevators
Conveyor Systems:
Bottle & Can conveyors systems Flexible high speed automation control for higher OEE High Speed Combiner Controllers for minimal bottle contact, low noise & pressure Accumulation systems including Dynamic & FiFo Bottle Dividers eg.. multipack infeed
Inspection systems:
Online monitoring systems for: Fill Height Label Dress Date Code & OCR Rejection systems
Line Performance Monitoring:
Scada & OEE reporting Compact system for individual line performance Alarm trending and reporting Data archiving & storage
Labelling Machines:
Sacmi rotary Labelling machines Wet Glue, Hot Melt or Self Adhesive Modular or Traditional
Overseas Reps

Overseas representation

Palletisers, Depalletiser & Conveyor systems
Bbull Technology
Product Inspection Systems
Spiralveyor Technology
LM Group
Bottle Lane Dividers
Sacmi Labelling
Labelling Machines
Overwrappers, Traywrappers
UK Reps

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Trade names

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