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Ishida Co. Ltd, established in 1893, is a world leader in the design, manufacture and installation of complete weighing and packing line solutions for the food industry, with an installed base of over 120,000 machines (including multihead weighers, cutgate weighers, RobotGraders, flexgraders, weigh-batchers, rotobatchers, marination systems, snack food bagmakers, traysealers, X-ray inspection systems, sealtesters, leak detectors, checkweighers, and casepackers), underlining Ishida's position as the undisputed global market leader for multihead weighers and one of the worldwide leading suppliers of inspection systems, snack food packing systems and complete line solutions for fresh food.

Ishida Europe is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ishida Co. Ltd and has its headquarters in Birmingham, UK. The company possesses unrivalled expertise and industry experience in providing advanced automated systems for the weighing, packing, quality control and end-of-line handling of food products.

The company's bespoke solutions optimise packing line performance and offer significant cost savings and operating benefits to many industry sectors.

Management Personnel

  • Managing Director: Dave Tiso
  • Finance Director: Mark Jennings
  • Technical Director: Adrian Sunter
  • Marketing Director: Steve Jones

Products Supplied

Multihead Weighers:
Inventors and undisputed world market leader of multihead weighers with an installed base of over 62,000 units covering dry, fresh, frozen and non-food applications. Hundreds of models available including traditional circular models, Screw Feeder and Fresh Food Weighers for sticky food, linear multihead weighers for high value and fragile products, and cutgate weighers for granular applications.
Ishida are one of the leading suppliers of checkweighers with an installed base of over 73,000 units. Ishida checkweighers are available with IDCS (Ishida Data Capture System) software to monitor the performance and efficiency of your packing lines, both on site and remotely, to identify cost saving opportunities.
Snack Food Bagmakers:
As a single source supplier of snacks solutions, Heat and Control and Ishida (HCI) deliver complete snack food solutions, built to correctly cook, precisely flavour, efficiently pack and rigorously inspect packaged snack foods to customer requirements.
Ishida are the undisputed world leader in the supply of complete weighing, packing, inspection and case packing solutions for snacks foods with an installed base in excess of 7,000 snack food bagmakers worldwide.

Ishida's latest innovation is the the Inspira iTPS, the world’s only single source snack food packing system, fully integrated for maximum efficiency and reliability, offering speeds of up to 200 packs/min for extruded snacks and up to 150 ppm for potato chips.
X-ray Inspection Systems:
Ishida are the no. 1 supplier of X-ray inspection systems with an installed base of over 15,000 units. In May 2017 Ishida Europe launched a new range of X-ray inspection systems to help food manufacturers and processors comply with global safety standards and meet the demands of quality and safety -conscious retailers.

Their new IX-series raises the bar in performance and usability with a global range that meets all local territory standards. Offering customers easy maintenance and stress-free operation, the range includes a robust fail safe system that prevents a contaminated product reaching the consumer in the event of a power outage or breakdown, helping to minimise the potential for costly recalls.
Tray Sealers:
High-performance tray sealers, capable of handling packs of almost any shape or material. Seal only, MAP, skinpack, shrink film options are available.
Sealtesters with vision control:
Reliable detection of leaks in bags and trays with integrated vision system for label inspection.
Weigh Batchers:
Ideal solution for fresh protein products that need efficient weighing and optimised styling into fixed weight trays.
Circular batching table, positioned directly underneath Ishida multihead weighers, for efficient manual styling in fixed weight trays but at 60% less floor-space, compared with conventional linear batching tables.
Weigh-Price Labellers:
Includes integrated metal detection, under-labelling, automatic change of label head positioning, special label applicators for uneven product surfaces and label cassette changeover in 30 seconds using pre-loaded label reels.
AirScan Leak Detectors:
The Ishida AirScan uses advanced laser technology to identify leaks of CO2 from holes as small as 0.25mm in sealed modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) at speeds up to 180 (!) packs per minute.
A smart and easy solution for a wide range of batching and grading applications.
The Ishida flexgrader reinforces Ishida's position as a complete turnkey supplier to large-scale meat, poultry and fish processors.
Automated weighing and optimised styling of chicken, meat and fish into fix weight trays.

Takes product from upstream processing / cutting areas and delivers accurately filled and styled fixed weight trays.

Product is individually weighed and subsequently scanned by shape, position and orientation to determine the robot's selection of pieces for each tray.

Unique gripper design enables fast orientation and firm but gentle, clean and decisive placement.

Speeds up to 320 pieces or 160 two-piece packs per minute: Typically 10 times faster than manual operation:

Cuts giveaway per pack from typically 10 to under 1%.

Reduces labour from typically 10 to just 3 operators.

Saves floor space by up to 30% compared with manual operation.
Overseas Reps

Overseas representation

Alpha International Co:
Cairo, Egypt +202 2517 1393
Aalst, Belgium +32 5360 5230
Ishida Europe- France:
Paris Nord, France +33 1 48 63 83 83
Barcelona, Spain +34 93 246 94 05
Elbak Ltd:
Istanbul, Turkey +90 216 590 02 40
Athens, Greece +30 210 96 07 102
Fenix Systems sp. z o.o:
Piasezno, Poland +48 22 715 5253
Ishida Europe BV:
Best, Netherlands +31 499 39 3675
Ishida Europe Ltd:
Vlasim, Czech Republic +420 317 702 257
Ishida RSA (Pty) Ltd:
Johannesburg, South Africa +27 11 976 2010
MK Matrix Packaging Ltd:
Nicosia, Cyprus +357 22 61 00 74
S F Engineering:
Grange, Co.Sligo, Ireland +353 7191 63334
Ishida GmbH:
Schwaebisch Hall, Germany +49 791 945 16-0
Rosh Haain, Israel,
Interideatre srl:
Barbaiana Di Lainate Milan Italy +39 029 325 7067
Multivac Maghreb:
Casablanca, Morocco +212 2223 1889
Multivac Maghreb:
Tunis, Tunisia +216 71 963 963
Itech Italia S.r.l.:
Lainate (MI) Italy +39 02 934 35069
Itech AG:
Rotkreuz, Switzerland +41 41 790 7447
MasterQuality Kft:
Budapest, Hungary +36 20 9444 924
Ishida Middle East:
Dubai, UAE +971 4 299 19 33
Ishida Europe - Russia:
Moscow, Russia +7 499 272 05 36
Ishida Europe - Romania:
Bucharest, Romania +40 21 589 73 52
Sealing Systems - Denmark:
Ansager, Denmark +45 75 29 20 90
Robotgrader - Sweden:
Gothenburg, Sweden +46-317488620
Ishida RSA (Pty) Ltd:
Cape Town, South Africa M: 0027 71 677 7062
QTEC Engineering - Ukraine:
Kiev, Ukraine 38 044 499 65 07
TACT 2007 LTD - Bulgaria:
Sofia, Bulgaria 00359 888 888 694
Christl GmbH - Austria:
Vienna, Austria 0043 (0)1 368 2666
BPS - Latvia:
Riga, Latvia 00371 6779 0403
BPS - Estonia:
Viljandi, Estonia 372.434.3113
BPS - Lithuania:
Kaunas, Lithuania 370 37 741862
Mundipack - Spain (Root Vegetables + Whole Fruit):
46112 Montcada (Valencia) T: 0034 963 661 075
Mundipack - Spain (Root Vegetables + Whole Fruit):
46112 Montcada (Valencia) T: 0034 963 661 075
InduStock - Portugal (dry sector):
3140-293 Montemor-o-Velho M: 00351 938 376 672
InduStock - Portugal (dry sector):
3140-293 Montemor-o-Velho M: 00351 938 376 672
Divertec - Portugal (fresh sector):
2645-019 Alcabedeche T: 00351 211 926 260
Divertec - Portugal (fresh sector):
2645-019 Alcabedeche T: 00351 211 926 260
Surface Packaging & Weighing Ltd - Nigeria:
Lagos, Nigeria M: 00234 803 355 6932
Surface Packaging & Weighing Ltd - Nigeria:
Lagos, Nigeria M: 00234 803 355 6932
Ishida East Africa Ltd - Kenya:
00618, Ruaraka, Nairobi, Kenya, T: 00254 202 000425
Ishida East Africa Ltd - Kenya:
00618, Ruaraka, Nairobi, Kenya, T: 00254 202 000425
UK Reps

Companies represented in the UK

Ishida Europe Ltd - Poole:
Tel: +44 (0)1202 466300
Trade names

Trade names

  • Ishida
  • Ishida

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