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Established in 1985, Karmelle Ltd are British manufacturers of high-quality liquid filling, capping and labelling equipment. We manufacture bespoke machinery for the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and drink, cosmetic and lube oil industries, working closely with customers to automate their liquid packaging process.

Indeed, our UK manufacturing-base enables us to supply complete turnkey lines, comprising modular machines from the Karmelle Ltd range. Following installation, we provide training, services, repairs and spares, keeping machine down-time to a minimum - and allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Whatever the product, we can help you to streamline your liquid packaging process. Call +44(0)1484 533356 for a free consultation.

Management Personnel

  • Managing Director: Peter Krawczuk
  • Operations Director: Brian Dickinson
  • Servicing and Spares: Tim Green

Products Supplied

Semi-automatic filling machines:
Karmelle Ltd's range of semi-automatic liquid filling machines includes vertical fillers (single or double head), bench top fillers, boom arm fillers and IBC fillers.
Fill-types range from Volumetric, to Gravimetric and Flowmeter.
Automatic filling machines:
Karmelle Ltd's range of automatic liquid filling machines features inline, multiple-head fillers (vertical and horizontal), rotary fillers, rotary monoblocks, and bucket filling lines.
Fill-types include Volumetric and Flowmeter.
Capping machines:
Choose from single head pick-and-place capping machines, Karmelle Ltd spindle cappers or retorque machines (for speeds of up to 150 p/m), automated cap feeding systems, rotary capping machines (featuring 3-6 heads, and capable of keeping up with high-speed filling machines), T Cork Cappers, and Karmelle 4CT capping machines.
Labelling machines:
Karmelle Ltd manufactures a range of automatic labelling systems - from flash labellers, to three point wraparound machines, front-and-back side apply machines, pallet labellers, wet-area machines and bakery machines.
Feed table systems (UK):
Karmelle Ltd's range of feed table systems includes free feed tables for up to 250 bottles p/m, and rotary feed and collection tables.
Depositors from 100ml to 5lt:
Ideal for thicker products, Karmelle Ltd's depositors are available with a fill-range of up to 5 litres. They can be supplied with a diving head, and are well-suited to hygienic food-handling.
Conveying & handling machines (UK):
Karmelle Ltd manufactures system conveyors and handling equipment - from slat-roller, to belts.
Cap elevators/sorters and detectors:
Karmelle Ltd's capping range also features cap elevators, inclined sorters and cap detection machines.
Exact weigh gravimetric systems:
Semi automatic or automatic weighing systems; up to 300kg, for single or multi component.
Exact flow meter systems:
Karmelle Ltd's automatic flow meter liquid filling machines can fill volumes of between 75ml and 10lt. The latest technology in filling, these modular systems are available with 1 to 12 filling heads.
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Trade names

Trade names

  • Karmelle Limited
  • Identapply

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