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In 2018, Kemtile became part of RPM Inc and joined Stonhard in the Performance Coating Group of the company.

Since then, the Kemtile and Stonhard brands have become increasingly aligned. We’re sharing our experience, contacts, insight and expertise to provide customers with even better hygienic flooring and drainage solutions and services than ever before.

For over 40 years, Kemtile has been a UK market-leader amongst food and beverage manufacturing and processing companies. Now, in conjunction with Stonhard, we’re growing in the UK and internationally - with a specific focus on pharmaceutical, engineering and automotive sectors, within which the Stonhard brand is so strong. Similarly, we’re enabling Stonhard to expand into the food and drink sector.

We’ve already undertaken a number of projects for internationally renowned brands such as Reckitt Benkiser, Kerry Foods, Volac, Rhokett Desserts, Unilever, Rolls Royce, Terex Trucks and Yorkshire Greens.

Management Personnel

  • Ms Dawn Morris
  • Director: Stephen Westley
  • Ms Carol Westley
  • Operations Director Jamie Cook
  • Sales Manager: David Priest
  • National Sales Manager Richard Kay

Products Supplied

Resin flooring
Since it became a Stonhard company in 2018, Kemtile is now sharing experience, contacts, insight and expertise to provide customers with a wider choice of hygienic flooring and drainage solutions and services than ever before - with a particular focus on food and drink, pharmaceutical and engineering sectors.

And, having worked together for the last 40 years, Kemtile continues to design and install Ucrete flooring systems and is the world’s longest serving installer, having recently had its Licenced Applicator status renewed for another year.
Ceramic floors by Kagetec
Kemtile is the exclusive UK applicator for Kagetec Tiling Systems, a high-performance tiling system engineered in Germany by Van Koetsveld & Grimberg GmbH. The Kagetec basic system is the equal of, if not superior to any vibration fixed tiling system available in the UK.

Kagetec GFK is the system that is used on the majority of Kemtile projects. The combination of vibration tiling and a plastic mesh reinforced epoxy adhesive layer between the tiles and the bedding medium makes the GFK system one of the toughest floors available. Every tile is encased in epoxy resin. If the grout is damaged the tile bedding is protected. It is ideal for very wet areas due to its totally impervious substrate. A typical Kagetec GFK floor is between 80 and 90mm thick including the tile.

Kagetec Basic System is an economic and hygienic tiled floor system featuring quick installation and high mechanical and load-bearing properties.
Drainage technology from Wiedemann-Technik
Kemtile is the sole UK agents for Wiedemann-Technik stainless steel drainage systems, developed and refined over 70 years, and recognised as the best available today.

Designed and built without compromise, Wiedemann-Technik drainage systems reflect the company's philosophy to manufacture products that meet and exceed customers' expectations. The product uses the best quality stainless steel which ensures a long and hygienic service life, and provides a cost-effective drainage solution.

Drainage channels in the factory or production floor must be able to sustain serious wear. The channel in the floor is a natural break in the overall structure of the floor and as such has the potential to fail if not installed correctly mainly due to the constant wear and tear of fork lift trucks travelling over them every day.

The Wiedemann policy of continual consultation with customers on hygiene solutions has led to the development of an extensive range of products for the food and drink industry all of which are suitable for tiled or resin floors. The range includes drains and covers, channels, as well as bespoke systems for specialist applications.
Protectorseal seamless wall and ceiling system
Protectorseal is a totally seamless fibreglass reinforced resin system, available in a wide range of colours, sheens and finishes. It is hard wearing and able to withstand the rigours of high pressure cleaning. Protectorseal is virtually maintenance free, chemical and impact resistant, making it ideal for hostile or difficult environments.

Protectorseal is used in hygiene sensitive areas where a high quality steam cleanable finish is required; particularly food processing and preparation areas, food and drinks manufacture and the pharmaceutical industry.

Benefits of Protectorseal include:
- Easy to maintain in a clean, sterile condition
- Exceptionally tough and durable
- A continuous, seamless finish
- Will not support bacterial growth
- Steam cleanable (low pressure)
- Light-fast and colour-stable
- Conforms to Surface Spread of Flame Test (Class 1)
- Can be applied to virtually any surface
Bollards and guardrails from Panelchok
Kemtile is the sole UK flooring contractor and distributor of Panelchok, a system of bollards and guardrails which is the ultimate protection against vehicle impact and damage. The system has been designed to provide protection for both machinery and personnel against impact, damage or injury by moving vehicles in process and warehouse environments.

Panelchok systems are manufactured from high density polyethylene which is suitable for use in high and low care hygiene facilities. The system is easy to install, impact and shock absorbent, highly visible, and easy to clean with no painting required.
Stainless steel kerbs for every environment
Modern factories demand the highest standards of hygiene. Traditional tiled and resin floors are weakest at the point at which they meet the wall. A stainless steel kerbing system offers impact resistance together with meeting the hygiene standards required in these demanding environments.

Kemtile supplies and installs high quality stainless steel kerbs which are designed and produced specifically for the food and drink industry. They are available up to 20 metres in length and have a standard cross section. Corners to walls and pillars are pre-formed in the factory. A unique manufacturing process offers longer lengths and straighter sections. This means unsightly welds can be avoided in straight and accurate runs.

Kerbs can be fixed against existing walls. Or, where the facility is a large open space which is divided into manufacturing areas, the kerbs act as demarcation. The kerbs are fixed to the existing floor or prepared substrate with steel bolts and dowel pins and are then filled with concrete. They can also be used to form bounds within which the flooring is laid. Different flooring systems and thicknesses can be laid either side of the kerb. All systems are based on one proven profile.
Wall protection for food and drink manufacturing plants
Modern food processing environments make hygiene a priority and kerbs therefore should be constructed with materials that are chemical, impact and water resistant. CleanRock kerbs and plinths from Polysto provide a solution to the hygiene challenges posed by kerbs made of concrete or steel.

These kerb systems are made by mixing polyester resins and quartz granulates with the surface and then finished with a bacteriostatic and shock-resistant polyester gel coat. In the production of these CleanRock kerbs, a monolithic system is created by moulding together the polyester quartz mass with the polyester gel coat covering. Both materials have the same chemical structure (polyester), which creates a strong kerb that is easy to clean.

CleanRock kerbs are water and chemical resistant and can be easily repaired on-site. The unique composition of CleanRock also allows for the prevention of contaminations from Salmonella, E.coli, Listeria and other bacteria.
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