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Kensal Handling Systems design, manufacture, install and commission a very wide range of stainless steel conveyor systems for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

We can supply complete turnkey integrated solutions or simple stand alone conveyors.

The depth of experience of our team means we can develop state of the art solutions for your production requirements.

Management Personnel

  • Senior Project Manager: Ian Forrester

Products Supplied

Stainless steel conveyor systems (UK):
Design, supply & installations of turnkey conveyor systems from depalletiser to palletiser including full integration and line control.
Stainless steel bottle and can conveyors (UK):
High speed and low speed conveying systems, accumulation systems, combiners, etc.
Pack conveyors (UK):
Low and zero pressure roller systems, chain, turntables, transfers, etc.
Kenerflex (UK):
Low cost modular light weight slat conveyor systems.
Pallet conveyors (UK):
Twin and triple chain, roller, turntables, transfers, etc.
Elevators (UK):
Grip face, flighted, indexing, vertical pack, spiral, side gripping.
Pack turners (UK):
Dynamic slat systems.
Air rinser (UK):
Low speed, single file air rinser.
Fabrication (UK):
Platforms, support frames, stairs etc.
Stainless steel cable management systems:
Wide range of stainless steel cable management systems including trunking, tray, basket, conduit, ladder, cabinets & control boxes.
Robot systems integrator - Kuka robots Systems partner (UK):
Fully integrated robotic technologies for all food and beverage applications. Palletising robot systems Packaging robot systems.
Palletiser systems integrator - Lita palletisers:
Full range of cost effective low/high level palletising systems.
Overseas Reps

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UK Reps

Companies represented in the UK

Lita, Italy:
Palletisers, depalletisers, pallet inverters & turners.
FAMS, Italy:
Case Erectors
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