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Westhoughton Bolton
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Krones UK, a major subsidiary of Krones A.G., provide a comprehensive range of equipment, together with consultancy, design and planning services to the packaging industry, backed up by in-house training and full service coverage for the U.K. and Ireland.

Management Personnel

  • Managing Director: Andrew Wilson
  • Commercial Director: Victoria Bridge
  • Kosme, Zalkin & Posimat Business Unit Manager and Regional Sales Manager North England: Gareth Roberts
  • Regional Sales Manager Scotland: Gerry Teece
  • Regional Sales Manager East England: Ged Mack
  • Business Devleopment Manager: Andrew Gibson
  • Regional Sales Manager West England & Wales: Tony Blackburn
  • Life Cycle Service Provider Scotland & Northern England: Dominic Teece
  • Life Cycle Service Provider Midlands, Southern England & Wales: Michael Wilson

Products Supplied

Liquid Fillers:
Volumetric and level high-speed filling machines for cans, glass and PET bottles. Aseptic filling Systems.
Multi- or single head, free standing machines or turrets.
Labellers, Rotary:
Hot-melt, wet glue and pressure sensitive models, or a combination. Paper and/or plastic labels, pre-cut or reel fed.
Labellers, Inline:
Wet glue or pressure sensitive for both round and non-round containers.
Reel fed stretch and shrink sleevers.
A comprehensive range of inspection machines, including in-line and rotary models for full bottle and empty bottle inspection, fill-level, missing labels and closures etc.
Water, air and product options.
High and low level modular units.
Continuous or intermittent, single units to combined systems.
Conveying Systems:
For bottles (slat and air conveyors), cans, packs, crates and pallets.
PET Handling Equipment:
Unscramblers, air conveyors, rinsers, silos, bulk feed conveyors.
Beverage Mixing and Carbonating Equipment:
Bottle Washers:
Bottle Blow Moulders:
Barrier Coating Machinery for Plastic Bottles:
Pasteurisers, Warmers, Coolers:
Overseas Reps

Overseas representation

Via Parent Company, Krones AG:
UK Reps

Companies represented in the UK

Krones A.G., Germany:
(Incorp. Kettner GmbH, Sander Hansen & Syskron): Full portfolio of high-speed bottling, canning and packaging machinery.
Zalkin, Andre & CIE, France:
Cappers, hoppers and cap elevators.
Posimat, S.A./Posimaster, S.A.:
Container unscramblers/plastic bottle silos.
Steinecker, Anton Germany:
Brewhouse and filtration systems.
Kosme, Italy:
Full portfolio of bottling, canning and packaging machinery.
Kosme, Austria:
PET bottle blow moulders.
Trade names

Trade names

  • Autocol
  • Blitzpac
  • Canmatic
  • Checkmat
  • Contiform
  • Contiroll
  • Isofill
  • Lavatec
  • Linapac
  • Linatronic
  • Mecafill
  • Pressant
  • Robogrip
  • Sensometic
  • Shrinkpac
  • Sleevematic
  • Solomodul
  • Stretchmatic
  • Taxomat
  • Topmodul
  • Toptronic
  • Variojet
  • Variomatic
  • Volumetic
  • Wrapapac
  • Viscofill

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