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Krones UK, a major subsidiary of Krones A.G., provide a comprehensive range of equipment, together with consultancy, design and planning services to the packaging industry, backed up by in-house training and full service coverage for the UK and Ireland.

Management Personnel

  • Managing Director: Andrew Wilson
  • Commercial Director: Victoria Bridge
  • Service Manager: David Lovejoy
  • Technical Sales Manager - Life Cycle Services: Douwe Gorter
  • Regional Sales Manager Scotland: Gerry Teece
  • Kosme, Zalkin & Posimat Business Unit Manager and Regional Sales Manager North England: Gareth Roberts
  • Regional Sales Manager East England: Ged Mack
  • Regional Sales Manager West England & Wales: Tony Blackburn
  • Regional Sales Manager Southern England & Republic of Ireland: Christopher Hartis
  • Life Cycle Service Provider Scotland & Northern Ireland: Dominic Teece
  • Life Cycle Service Provider Northern England: Andrew Gibson
  • Life Cycle Service Provider Midlands & Wales: Michael Wilson
  • Life Cycle Service Provider Southern England & Republic of Ireland: Ashley Goodwin

Products Supplied

Liquid Fillers:
Volumetric and level high-speed filling machines for cans, glass and PET bottles. Aseptic filling Systems.
Conveying Systems:
For bottles (slat and air conveyors), cans, packs, crates and pallets.
PET Handling Equipment:
Unscramblers, air conveyors, rinsers, silos, bulk feed conveyors.
Beverage Mixing and Carbonating Equipment:
Bottle Washers:
Bottle Blow Moulders:
Pasteurisers, Warmers, Coolers:
Multi- or single head, free standing machines or turrets.
Labellers, Rotary:
Hot-melt, wet glue and pressure sensitive models, or a combination. Paper and/or plastic labels, pre-cut or reel fed.
Labellers, Inline:
Wet glue or pressure sensitive for both round and non-round containers.
Reel fed stretch and shrink sleevers.
A comprehensive range of inspection machines, including in-line and rotary models for full bottle and empty bottle inspection, fill-level, missing labels and closures etc.
Water, air and product options.
High and low level modular units.
Continuous or intermittent, single units to combined systems.
Overseas Reps

Overseas representation

Via Parent Company, Krones AG:
UK Reps

Companies represented in the UK

Krones A.G., Germany:
(Incorp. Kettner GmbH, Sander Hansen, Syskron & System Logistics): Full portfolio of high-speed bottling, canning and packaging machinery.
Zalkin, Andre & CIE, France:
Cappers, hoppers and cap elevators.
Posimat, S.A./Posimaster, S.A.:
Container unscramblers/plastic bottle silos.
Steinecker, Anton Germany:
Brewhouse and filtration systems.
Kosme, Italy:
Full portfolio of bottling, canning and packaging machinery.
Kosme, Austria:
PET bottle blow moulders.
Milkron GmbH, Germany:
Dairy systems and components.
Trade names

Trade names

  • Autocol
  • Canmatic
  • Checkmat
  • Contiform
  • Contiroll
  • Isofill
  • Lavatec
  • Linapac
  • Linatronic
  • Mecafill
  • Pressant
  • Robogrip
  • Shrinkpac
  • Sleevematic
  • Solomodul
  • Stretchmatic
  • Taxomat
  • Topmodul
  • Toptronic
  • Variojet
  • Variomatic
  • Volumetic
  • Variopac
  • Variopac
  • Ergomodul
  • Craftmate

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