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KUKA offer over 40 years of experience as an automated robotic system and solution integrator within the manufacturing industry. From concept to completion, KUKA will work with you to ensure that we support your business' growth and tailor our systems to the specific needs of your operation, delivering solutions that improve business efficiencies, increase productivity and deliver cost savings through best practice management.

KUKA's solutions are custom built and fully integrated into your application via our dedicated team of engineers, from a single unit to large multiple robot turnkey solutions. With a proven track record of serving manufacturers across a number of vertical markets, from automotive to pharmaceutical, KUKA will always identify a solution with customer satisfaction at the forefront of its design, providing clients with the quickest route to production.

KUKA's complete robot range has a synergy of control language and architecture. They are used by many well-known names in the UK manufacturing industry in diverse sectors, such as construction materials, electronics, food processing, healthcare, logistics and plastics. Typical applications include pick and place, order picking and assembly, packaging, palletising & depalletising, 3Dp, welding, mobile robotics and clean room applications.

Management Personnel

  • Managing Director: Jeff Nowill
  • Head of Robot Sales UK: Bernard Bagley
  • Finance Director UK: Gary Hughes
  • Head of Customer Service UK & Ireland: Steve Hudson

Products Supplied

KUKA Industrial Robots:
Six-axis robots in virtually all sizes with different payload capacities and reaches and a wide range of different variants. 5kg to 1300kg payload.
KUKA LBR iiwa collaborative:
The LBR iiwa is the world's first series-produced sensitive robot, and therefore HRC-compatible; thanks to its joint torque sensors in all seven axis. 7kg to 14 kg payload and 800mm reach.
KR3 Agilus Hygiene Machine:
Industrial robots in clean room variants for strict hygiene requirements such as foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals. 3kg payload and 541mm reach.
KR 470 Palletising Robot:
Palletising robots for picking and packing tasks of all kinds within your logistics & supply chain. 470kg payload and 3150mm reach.
KR Agilus sixx series:
The KR AGILUS sixx is our compact six-axis robot that is designed for particularly high working speeds. 6kg to 10kg payload and 706mm to 1101mm reach.
KR Titan Heavy Load Robot:
The KR 1000 titan is the first six-axis robot with an open kinematic system and an unparalleled payload capacity. It handles heavy loads over distances of up to 6.5 meters from 750kg to 1300kg.
Overseas Reps

Overseas representation

KUKA Robotics Ireland:
Brian Cooney - Sales Manager.
UK Reps

Companies represented in the UK

KUKA, Germany:
4 and 6 axis industrial robots. Pick and place, palletising robots, washdown stainless steel robots and palletising robots suitable for a freezer environment.
Trade names

There are no trade names descriptions registered for this organisation

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