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Lift Safe Ltd is a progressive firm that supplies ergonomic handling equipment to UK industries. We supply to all industries specialising in food and beverage production and distribution, the pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry and the logistics industry. We offer a flexible on-site demonstration service that allows potential users to try the products within their applications to ensure that they are compatible._

We are able to design lifting and handling equipment to suit and we can work closely with customers in meeting and exceeding their requirements for safer manual handling._

Our equipment is designed to help companies comply with the current manual handling regulations and Health and Safety issues.You will find our staff is willing and able to help with all your needs and provide you with a fast, reliable solution to all your handling requirements. Lift Safe have a dedicated team of advisers who will meet with you on site to work with you in developing a solution to your manual handling problems.

Lift Safe is proud to supply our manual handling equipment to the following companies to name a few:-_

Hollands Pies
Astra Zeneca
Glaxo Smith Kline
United Biscuits
Jacobs Biscuits
Nestle UK
Pataks Foods
Premier Foods
Johnson and Johnson

Management Personnel

  • Sales Manager (South): Nick Moorhouse
  • Sales Manager (North): David Winterbottom

Products Supplied

Work Positioners:
Battery operated lifters which are perfect for reducing manual handling. They are a fully modular system and we can build the lifter around your requirements.
Manual Stackers:
Lift Safe's manual stackers are the key tool to lift and store goods within limited space for maneuvering.
Semi Electric Stackers:
Our standard lifting platforms can lift up-to 1,500 kg and each platform comes with a wide variety of lifting heights
Fully Electric Stackers:
Lift Safe's electric stacker's are the key tool to lift and store goods within limited space for maneuvering. The varied options on these stacker's make them the ideal tools for a wide variety of applications.
ATEX Stacker's & Lifting Equipment:
We have a wide range of ATEX lifting equipment, specially designed for environments zones 1, 2, 21 and 22 within explosive atmospheres.
Stainless Steel Stackers & Pallet Trucks:
Lift trucks and pallet trucks in electronic, semi-electric and manual versions made of stainless steel, for movement operations in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry sectors
Scissor Tables:
Lift Safe's lifting platforms are the perfect tools to meet your lifting requirements. Our standard lifting platforms can lift up-to 5,000 kg and each platform comes with a wide variety of lifting heights.
PortaLift Mobile Jib Cranes:
Choose the PortaLift mobile jim arm crane if you are looking for a truly flexible, motorised crane. This mobile jib crane has a wide range of modules to choose from
Cranes, Hoists & Overhead Lifting:
See our range of cranes, hoists and overhead lifting apperatus. We have a wide range from carton box vacuum grippers , sheet and door lifting equipement to overhead glass vacuum grippers
Customised Stackers & Pallet Trucks:
Below are a selection special electric platform stacker trucks, we can create the equipment to suit your needs
Lift Safe Electric Keg Lifter:
This lifter has been designed to move beer kegs easily and safely. It allows operators to lift and manage kegs of varying weights and sizes.
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Trade names

Trade names

  • Lift Safe Ltd
  • Lift Safe Direct

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