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LINAK TECHLINE provides electric linear actuator solutions designed for heavy-duty industrial work applications.

We focus on reliable and precise movement designed to meet your needs and specifications even in the most extreme conditions.

TECHLINE solutions improve the functionality of numerous diverse applications, ranging from food production machinery, over wind turbines and solar trackers, to heavy construction and agricultural machinery such as wheel loaders and combine harvesters.

In the TECHLINE product range, you can choose between a wide variety of products and systems, regardless if your application requires a basic actuator solution, or a more advanced intelligent system solution. TECHLINE products are thoroughly tested and built to perform reliably even in the most extreme conditions.

Step into the future world of movement and enhance your competitive edge

In a fast moving world, it is crucial to keep up with trends and changes. For companies to be able to survive now and in the future, they need to be competitive. To be competitive is to be cost effective and ready for the future.

Cost effective performance
Less downtime, less maintenance, faster set-up, clever control and more accuracy means better use of your application.

Ready for the future
To be ready for the future, in our terminology, means having the most convenient, up-to-date and clever features for performing best in regards to control, accuracy and speed.

Competitive edge
Cost-effective performance and innovative technology for your application will help you enhance your competitive edge and Move for the Future.

Part of the solution - Actuators with integrated controller

Actuator solutions with integrated controllers (IC) give you a means to keep a competitive edge for your application. Installation and control has never been easier, and the options for customisation are many.

IC is the range of integrated control options for TECHLINE(R) actuators. These options provide all from easy maintenance, control and installation, to a wide range of customisable settings and feedback that will help tailor the movement solution to your specific needs and application.

Management Personnel

  • Managing Director: John Turner
  • Strategic Business Manager: Richard Harris
  • Technical Manager: Nigel Moore
  • Technical Support: Peter Sharma

Products Supplied

Electric Linear Actuators:
Linear actuators from LINAK are high quality actuators with a long lifetime and little or no maintenance. A linear actuator can be integrated in sophisticated control systems - providing precise position feedback and accurate control of the actuator.
Lifting Columns:
Lifting columns from LINAK have a compact and clean design. They provide optimal ergonomics in applications for office and industrial markets along with the hospital and care sector. Furthermore, lifting columns can be connected in parallel to ensure adjustability for heavy objects.
LINAK Control Boxes:
LINAK control boxes link control units with actuators so that their movements are perfectly controlled. Various accessories can also be connected to the system through a control box. LINAK provides both simple and sophisticated microprocessor operated control boxes.
LINAK Accessories:
LINAK provides a wide range of accessories that will add diversity to applications. The accessories are able to increase the level of comfort for the end user. Furthermore, they can help improve both user safety and working conditions.
LINAK Controls:
LINAK control units are available in both basic and advanced versions with memory functions and displays for readout of height indication and other data. Additionally, LINAK can provide wireless controls for specific applications.
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