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Management Personnel

  • Operations Manager: Martin Bailey
  • International Sales Director Dennis Jonker
  • Technical Service Manager: Chris Saunders
  • Financial Planning & Analysis Manager: Simon Wakeford
  • Marketing Manager: Cheryl Goodall

Markem-Imaje (part of Dover Corporation's Product Identification Group) is a trusted world manufacturer of product identification and traceability solutions, offering a full line of reliable and innovative continuous inkjet, thermal transfer, laser, thermal inkjet, print and apply label systems and RFID-based systems.

Markem-Imaje delivers fully integrated solutions that enable product quality and safety, regulatory and retailer compliance, better product recalls and improved manufacturing processes. Our products can be used across a number of industries including food & beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceutical plus more industrial applications including aerospace, cabling and automotive. So if you need to add identification information to your products such as use by/display until dates, batch codes, barcodes, product descriptions or random promotional codes then look no further.


Products Supplied

Small Character Inkjet:
Full-featured printers designed for demanding manufacturing environments, general purpose as well as very specific applications like high contrast and high performance marking.

Consumables - Designed to print on all types of substrates from standard to specific applications (food grade, sterilisation, UV cure, egg coding, etc.); alcohol-based, water-based, ketone-free and MEK-free inks available; wide variety of colours.

Substrates - Plastics, glass, metal, cardboard and directly onto food.

Markets - Food, beverage, cosmetics, toiletries, electrical equipment, electronics, cables, tubes and profiles.
Services & Support:
Managing your production is a complex task, with many moving parts and numerous demands. Your solutions need to be simple, dependable, and affordable. That’s where Markem-Imaje services come in.

As a leader in marking and coding solutions, Markem-Imaje delivers simple, tailored and comprehensive range of services to help customers increase reliability, efficiency and profitability.

Equipped with a deep understanding of your applications and processes, our extensive global service network provides timely response and best-in class technical expertise – including project management, Start-up, training,
preventive maintenance and support, process optimisation, all-inclusive packages and more – to enable you achieve sustainable business improvements.
Thermal Transfer Overprinting:
High quality printing on flexible packaging films, foils and labels for continuous and intermittent operations, at the fastest print and acceleration / deceleration speeds. They include multiple ribbon saving features.

Consumables - A wide range of approved high quality thermal transfer ribbons for both flat and near edge printheads.

Substrates - Flexible packaging like flow-wrappers, bags, tray seals, pouches, sachets, vacuum packs or labels.

Markets -Food and mechanical engineering.
Laser Coding:
High-speed printing in large coding areas and tough production environments, especially those requiring multi-head scribing. They offer impeccable high contrast codes and are capable of covering coding and scoring applications simultaneously.

Consumables - Dust filters for fume extractors.

Substrates - Plastics, glass, foil, film, metal and cardboard.

Food, beverage, cosmetics, toiletries and pharmaceuticals.
Thermal Inkjet:
Designed for intermittent or low volume productions. They are also ideal for case coding in dusty, humid and corrosive environments. They offer high resolution codes at high speeds while being easy to use and easy to maintain.

Consumables - Clean snap-in and -out cartridges or optional bulk ink delivery module to maximise uptime.

Substrates - Porous and semi-porous corrugate boxes, trays and kraft bags as well as OPP/PP flexible films.

Markets - Food, beverage, tobacco, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.
Large Character High Resolution piezo:
Touch Dry® Hot Melt inks are solvent-free and environmentally friendly. Codes never bleed or fade, dry on contact and are 100% readable.

Consumables - Touch Dry® technology is solid at room temperature while liquid inks are available in alcohol, ethyl acetate and water bases in a large range of colors.

Substrates - Corrugate cases, trays and wrapping films.
Large Character Valvejet:
Characterised by their compact size, these are perfect for one side case coding or for multi-side case coding up to 3 shifts.

Consumables - Available in alcohol, ethyl acetate and water bases in many colours.

Substrates - Corrugate cases.
Print and Apply Labelling:
Build on a proven concept that provides reliability, efficiency and ease of use. It gives you a wide range of interchangeable applicators, optimised operational intervention and an unparalleled application rate.

Consumables - Our Label MI ribbons, provide three ribbon solutions to cover all your labelling needs. However basic or complex the job or substrate, we guarantee the best quality code with more production uptime.

Substrates - Corrugate cases.
Software Solutions:
CoLOS increases production efficiency while reducing coding- and printing-related waste. It also protects your brand by ensuring coding integrity and making recalls easier to execute.

Live and historical production reports are available to give enhanced visibility and insights into your coding and printing performance, quality and compliance.

You can run CoLOS from your office, shop floor or server room. Connectivity to printers, production devices and company data sources is established over Ethernet. And, a user management system ensures employees access the CoLOS interfaces most appropriate to their role and location, from desktop, tablet and mobile devices. CoLOS works within your cybersecurity environment and has various backup options.
Consumable Solutions:
For decades, Markem-Imaje has developed over 500 consumable solutions to answer your evolving needs and expectations.

Genuine Markem-Imaje consumables also protect uptime by minimising maintenance and changeovers compared with third-party supplies.

Our Coding Essentials programs will not only secure your printer investment, your product and your brand, but also enhance overall productivity and optimise your total cost of ownership (TCO).

Our programs are the best choice to ensure you stay at the forefront of coding innovations and ensure your brands stay ahead of the pack.
Overseas Reps

Overseas representation

We have representation globally:
Markem-Imaje operates in over 30 subsidiaries worldwide and provides more than 40,000 customers with optimal product marking and coding solutions.
UK Reps

There are no UK Rep descriptions registered for this organisation

Trade names

Trade names

  • 1050 TIJ Printer
  • 1200 TIJ Printer
  • 2200 Pallet
  • 4500 Valvejet
  • 5600 Printer
  • 5800 Printer
  • 9028 CIJ Printer
  • 9040 CIJ Printer
  • 9042 CIJ Printer
  • 9410 CIJ Printer
  • 9450 CIJ Printer
  • CoLOS Create
  • CoLOS Enterprise
  • CoLOS Professional
  • SmartDate X40
  • SmartDate X60
  • SmartLase C150
  • SmartLase C350
  • SmartLase F200
  • SmartDate X65
  • SmartDate X45
  • Detect-Plus
  • SmartLase F500
  • 2200 Series
  • 2200 Flex SE
  • CimJet
  • CoLOS V6.1

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