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As an independent distributor of coding and labelling systems, Martek is able to offer systems from leading international suppliers including EBS, REINER, Collamat, United Barcode Systems, Carl Valentin, Bentsai and MSSC.

In many cases, an off-the-shelf solution does not meet the needs of the customer or maximise the investment in the equipment. Martek specialises in integrating coding systems with IT systems and factory automation to improve efficiency and reduce errors. Product handling systems often from part of the solution to ensure the coding and labelling system is operated at optimum performance.

Martek also specialises in handheld marking systems including the EBS-260 and EBS-250 Handjet printers, the REINER jetStamp range and Bentsai portable printers. These systems offer a professional, clean and efficient alternative to traditional marking methods and can be used on small and large items.

The SwiftColor range of full colour label printers allow on-demand printing of labels with no minimum quantities, printing plates or waiting times. Customer can print exactly what they need, when they need it taking full control of their label printing.

All products are backed up by factory-trained engineers with a wealth of industry experience.


Products Supplied

Industrial Inkjet Printers:
Inline industrial printers including small-character, larger-character and high-resolution printers from EBS, United Barcode Systems (UBS) and MSSC. Printers are available to print onto virtually anything from jars and bottles to pallets and construction materials.
Handheld Inkjet Printers:
Handheld inkjet printers provide a professional and cost-effective solution for printing onto a wide variety of products including bottles, jars, pouches, pallets, construction materials and textiles. The EBS-250 and EBS-260 Handjet printers are ideally suited to printing onto larger items such as crates, pallets, pipes, concrete products and textiles. For smaller items, the REINER range can be used to print onto bottles, jars, lids, pallet blocks, tubes with a print area up to 25 x 85mm. The Bentsai range includes wide-format, high-resolution printers with 100mm print height suitable for printing onto porous and non-porous materials.
SwiftColor full colour label printers:
The SwiftColor range of digital, full-colour label printers allows companies to print photo-quality labels on demand with no printing plates, minimum quantities or production delays. The range includes 2, 4 and 8-inch wide models.
Collamat label applicators:
Comprehensive range of label applicators to suit all applications and budgets. Collamat applicators can be used on existing product conveyors or supplied as inline systems with integrated conveyors in standard or custom configurations. Inline systems include bottle labellers, wrap-around systems, top-and-bottom labellers and security label applicators.
Ventus print-and-apply systems:
Industrial print-and-apply labellers including tamp, blow, roll-on and front/back of pack labellers. There is also a specialist pallet labeller for applying labels to 1 or 2 faces of pallets in one operation and robot labellers for bespoke applications. Print engine options include 4 and6-inch wide models with 200, 300 or 600dpi resolution.
Valentin label printers:
High-performance range of thermal transfer and direct thermal label printers including 2-colour printers, stand-alone printers and wide format printers.
GoDEX label printers:
The GoDEX range includes desktop printers for office, retail and light-industrial use as well as industrial printers for high-volume printing and use in harsh environments. Most industrial models come with a 5-year warranty and all other models have a 3-year warranty. Low cost print-and-apply systems and specialist test tube labellers are also available in the GoDEX range.
Valentin thermal transfer coders:
The Valentin thermal coder range includes intermittent and continuous models for low-volume and high-throughput applications. The DPM-IV series includes traversing head models for multi-lane packaging machines with a total print area up to 128 x 770mm. Mounting brackets are available for all common packaging machines including HFFS, VFFS, flow-wrappers and thermo-formers.
Datalogic laser coders:
CO2, fiber and DPSS laser marking systems to mark virtually any material.
Overseas Reps

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UK Reps

Companies represented in the UK

EBS Ink-Jet Systeme GmbH:
Continuous CIJ, handheld, TIJ and large-character inkjet printers.
United Barcode Systems (UBS):
High-resolution and TIJ inkjet printers.
Ernst REINER GmbH & Co. KG:
Handheld inkjet printers.
Collamat AG:
Label applicators.
Klinger Finland Oy:
Print-and-apply labelling systems.
Carl Valentin GmbH:
Thermal transfer coders and label printers.
GoDEX International Co Ltd:
Thermal transfer and direct thermal label printers.
Datalogic s.P.a.:
Laser marking systems and barcode readers.
Kanematsu SwiftColor:
Full colour label printers.
Zhuhai Bentsai Printing Technology Co. Ltd:
High-resolution handheld inkjet printers.
High-resolution thermal inkjet (TIJ) printers.
Trade names

Trade names

  • EBS-260 Handjet
  • EBS-250 Handjet
  • REINER jetStamp
  • Ventus
  • Collamat
  • SwiftColor SCL4000
  • EBS Boltmark-II
  • Dynacode
  • Duoprint
  • DPM IV
  • Aplink MRX
  • Aplink LCX
  • EBS-230 PicAS
  • Datalogic Arex
  • Datalogic Ulyxe
  • Datalogic EOX
  • Bentsai B80
  • Bentsai B85
  • Bentsai B30
  • Bentsai B35
  • Bentsai B3
  • Smart-Jet Blue
  • Smart-Jet Duo
  • Smart-Jet Lite
  • Smart-Jet Max

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