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Matcon, a unit of IDEX MPT, Inc., provides Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) systems for automatic powder handling and mixing.
Unique Cone Valve technology inside each IBC offers guaranteed, controlled discharge of material without the risk of segregation, bridging or blocking, even for some of the most difficult to handle powders.
We have implemented a wide range of systems from simple decoupling of a fixed mixer to improve the throughput, to the most complex multi-batch, multi-mixer system.
Discover how our customers have become more competitive by adopting our solutions, increasing their production efficiency, flexibility and powder handling capability to an optimum.

Management Personnel

  • Managing Director: Stephen Ball
  • After-Sales Director: James Duncan

Products Supplied

Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) Systems:
Cone Valve IBCs from 300 to 3500 litre capacity manufactured from Stainless Steel or Polyethylene. For use with the Matcon range of IBC Filling, Blending, Discharge and Washing Systems.
Formulation Systems:
The Sack Tip module provides a simple method to transfer powdered material from sacks into Matcon IBCs, with minimal dust exposure. The 'Flexi-Batch' IBC Formulation System offers a fast means of automatically batching ingredients with high degrees of accuracy. The contained design means multiple recipes can be handled simultaneously.
Mixing and Blending Systems:
Mix any recipe at any time with the Matcon IBC Blender. Mixing takes place directly within the IBC using 360° tumble-blending. Changeover is instantaneous, producing a high OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) rate as cleaning occurs off-line. High shear blending with the supplementary Intensifier extends the mixing capabilities to handle single stage mixing and liquid additions between the range of 5-150 litres. This flexible and hygienic liquid addition system reduces manual handling requirements within the process and improves containment, further enhancing the benefits of IBC Blending.
Packing Systems:
Matcon offer a range of packing solutions. The Powder Packer module is designed to fill B2B sacks directly from Matcon IBCs. The Packing Line Refill module feeds straight to FMCG packing systems. The unique Cone Valve technology provides a controlled discharge process and creates mass flow discharge of material, protecting against product segregation, ensuring a quality final product every time.
Washing Systems:
A full range of IBC Washing equipment is available from simple Wash Lances through to fully validatable, recipe-driven Wash Booths. Air Washing systems are also offered, proving useful for applications posing a waterborne bacteriological risk such as milk powders.
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Trade names

Trade names

  • Flexi-Batch
  • Matcontainer
  • Track-Record

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