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Micro-Epsilon is renowned globally for being at the forefront of measurement technology. For more than 50 years we have continuously offered reliable, high performance, unique solutions particularly when high precision measurement or inspection is required. Our product range covers sensors for the measurement of distance and displacement, sensors for IR temperature measurement and colour detection, as well as turnkey systems for dimensional measurement and defect detection.

We understand that our customers are our business partners, and aim to develop long term relationships with them. We work closely with our customers to fully understand their requirements; our sales people are engineers and understand more than just the sensor performance. We are problem solvers. We operate a fair working policy, which results in excellent customer service and support, even post sale.

Our high performance products and methods of working provide our customers with a genuine competitive advantage.

Management Personnel

  • Managing Director: Chris Jones
  • UK Sales Manager: Glenn Wedgbrow

Products Supplied

Displacement, distance and position sensors:
Micro-Epsilon offers a wide range of sensors for measuring distance, position, movement, vibration, gaps, profiles and surfaces against materials of all types. They include non-contact Laser Triangulation, 2D/3D Laser Profile, Eddy Current, Capacitive and Optical Micrometers. We also provide contact sensors for machine monitoring including Draw Wire, LVDT and Magnetic sensors.
Measurement Systems:
Micro-Epsilon provides turn key measurement systems for thickness, width and surface inspection. Our measurement systems are ideally suited for continuous web or strip processes including rubber, plastics, metals and glass. Our surface inspection systems identify minute defects and inclusions on both glossy and matt painted or bare surfaces.
Colour Measurement Sensors:
Colour sensors from Micro-Epsilon measure the colour of an object surface in true colour: L*a*b, RGB, XYZ and DIN 99 values. Our sensors are highly accurate with fast measurement rates and allow for inline colour measurement as well as offline colour measurement. We provide sensors with full visual spectrum analysis or simpler teach and compare units. Our wide range of fibre optic heads allows us to measure colour in difficult places and areas of high temperature.
IR Temperature measurement:
Micro-Epsilon's non-contact Infrared Temperature Sensors and Thermal Imaging Cameras can be used in a wide variety of applications. From low temperatures prevalent in cooling chains or laboratories to the highest temperatures in hot molten metals and blast furnaces. Or sensors can measure from -50°C up to 2450°C.
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Micro-Epsilon GmbH Germany:
Manufacturer of Measurement Sensors and Systems.
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